Why saying “You shouldn’t eat meat” Makes you a Hypocrite // From a Vegan and Animal Lover

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Just to begin, let me state ::

***If you believe that animals need us/you to speak for them because they have no voice, then I respect that viewpoint and understand that you may have to go on a crusade for animal rights.  Try to not be offended by my words, they are not intended to do so.***

I personally do not support eating meat, have been vegan for a decade, and would love if more people everyday could become more conscious about their food choices.  I understand there are reasonable concerns involving nutrients and sustainability of current plant based farming // agriculture.  I know that it requires more work ((at least in the beginning)) to feel full and satisfied and nourished with a plant based diet.  As with anything, over time, it becomes second nature…

nothing is more stubborn to change then a diet :: this is because it is our core, it is the food that creates us :: the ritual // the sound // the smell // the harvest // the hunt :: once that pattern in shifted, no thing could be easier to hold steady :: it is in your bones // it is your bones // your blood // your cells

There is definitely truth to the idea that every time you eat an animal you are choosing your vitality over that of the animal, this is the way the food chain works, for primitive species and cultures ((if you are reading this, this is not you)).  For some, they eat flesh perhaps because it is really good, tasty, and satisfying.  In this case, it can be argued that one is choosing the desires/desire body over the life of another being.  It is here that we get into murky territory.  The danger with making claims like these about meat eating is that we are delving into assumption about the motivations and deep psychological processes of other individuals and societies as a whole. ((good luck with that))

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This is why the conversation is so important, and there is simply no conversation without openness and the ability to see the other perspective.  Ideally, no one needs to get offended by the words of another or to be defensive or offensive in their expression ((sticks and stones right?)). Some are more confident, passionate, and perhaps even more eloquent then others. The lack or presence of any of these does not make the personal expression and opinion any less valid, but this should certainly be taken into account.

Testimony and gospel about the benefits of anything should be taken with a grain of salt if those expressing are coming from a place of ‘reactivity’ and are emotionally driven ((this literally means = emotions in the driver’s seat)).  Not to say that an emotionally driven person ((which many animal rights supporters are :: empathic // sensitive // tender hearted)) cannot make some very good points.  But, chances are, they are not seeing very clearly as the emotion shades the expression.

The most dangerous diet for the body is one designed by the mind and driven by emotion


While I do, at my core, want animals to not be raised for food, the truth is that underlying that idea is another core value of “freedom”.  I want the animals to have the opportunity to live freely and roam wherever they would have naturally existed.  If I were to try to convince or coerce someone into believing my viewpoint ((to try to get them to not eat meat)), I am not allowing them the ‘freedom’ to make their own choice.

The goal of any movement that seeks to be successful and proliferate should be to display why this movement is optimal, or at least better then the other option, through ‘living the benefit’ for others to see. Then, via their observation, others can join in or try if they choose.

Hey, I can’t make some of my friends and family ((this is not autobiographical, just for metaphor)) stop making terrible decisions for themselves around health and money. Even the thought that they are somehow flawed in their decision making is a bit offensive. The world is not ours to control and judge.  While I do not believe in an old man on a cloud, there is definite merit to the idea that only God can judge. To take that to the next level, we create God, and we are God ((at least a part, until we finally wake up to our fully actualized selves…le sigh)).

That being said, do you want to create a judgmental God, or a God that respects freedom of choice and the ability to try things.  If you are a Vegan for reasons of loving animals, look no further then your omnivorous brothers and sisters, love them, allow them the freedom, without shrinking yourself, without relinquishing your passion or cause.

((This is a complicated topic, I realize…))

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So, if I want these other animals to be FREE and my main point in my Vegan agenda (if I have one) is that these beings have equal right to life, how much of a hypocrite am I to say, ‘hey man, stop choosing to eat meat!’

Live your purpose, be bountiful in your love for other human beings – regardless of their dietary choices – just as you are bountiful in your love for incredibly cute and unconditionally loving animals.

Love to all beings at all times in all places..

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