Mars Rx into Scorpio :: 5.27 // Embrace the Embers 

Mars moves into Scorpio overnight into morning.The true depth of a retrograde as the original and co-ruler of Scorpio enters a somehow fiery water sign.

We aren’t exactly at our brightest right now, but the fire is strong and stable. Take this time to be SELFish in the most indulgent manner.

Spring is enlivening your body and the desires are strong. Do your best not to ignore the urges and indulge them regularly in a safe and conscious way.

As Mars begins to move forward again, we may experience an eruption if too much has been held back.

Talk to people, make eye contact, invite the inner worlds to meet the outer, these moments are shamanic without effort.

Remember how important you are to your own wellbeing, this will inform your confidence and take the guilty feeling out of being assertive.

The lines that you draw right now are laser sharp. If you are going to say something, expect it to have impact. For this reason it is best to keep drama to a minimal and be intentional with your words.

Dream in your daily life, ignore that which you don’t appreciate, and step with a sexy confidence, own it.

Recognize that others are experiencing this exact phenomenon. You may find a kindred spirit connection with strangers… This could get very sexy in the right context.

A ring from an ex would not be surprising, remember that this will likely end in a reminder to NOT do this again.

Hold yourself instead of a stranger, and hold your partner as the queen // witch // king // shaman that they are.

We are not finished yet, for more info on Mars Retrograde check out my previous post Why you are Burning in Place // Mars Retrograde 2016 :: April 17-August 2

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