Pisces New Moon : March 17 // Chiron Shines

The new moon is exact March 17th @ 6:11AM Pacific 9:11AM Eastern

Spontaneous fits of crying, yup, they happen

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Moon Conjunct Chiron

Chiron has us at battle with ourselves. Never quite seeing the beginning or the end of the story, it is often easy to play the victim. Chiron conjunct the moon will bring many unhelpful tendencies to the forefront. First and foremost is the idea that somehow someone else will help you. Chiron is always somehow incomplete, the ideal would be  to feel content and complete within this incompleteness. When the moon brings its watery feely ways around Chiron, we are being ushered towards our own confusing patterns. Where do we try so hard that we become exhausted, then discouraged, and maybe even then jaded? Where do we give so much that we are unable to take care of ourselves? How is it possible to be able to help another but still not able to help oneself in the same arena? Well this moon may offer you some insight into these infuriating and hard to pin down dynamics.

Some revelations are downright shocking!

Uncovering Gifts

Earn yourself back from your subconscious doubts

Within the game of ‘waiting for superman’ to arrive, we hand off so much of our own power. If we know or believe that our partner is going to cook dinner every night, we will likely never learn to become competent chefs. If we are under the assumption that someone at the party will make the first move, we may find ourselves consistently alone and disappointed. These examples may be a bit crude, but Chiron patterns can have us missing the boat on our gifts. With the new moon conjunct Chiron, we are offered the opportunity to look at our patterns in a sober and honest fashion, and break old habits of self sabotage. The minute you end a disempowering pattern, you have set yourself free to explore, express, and discover your CREATE-ive potential. You are in no way broken, just complicated.

Rethinking the God Concept


No god will ever save you, but they will tirelessly support your efforts to grow.

The ultimate ‘savior’ belief comes in the idea of a ‘God’ or ‘Higher Power’. Often as humans, we sacrificing happiness or choose certain paths in life as to gain a reward. Sometimes from a judgmental omnipotent character or for karma points. We may fall on tough times, and within them, reach out and beg for help… from whom? Well, I certainly cannot say, but this moon will show you where you are expecting fairy dust or divine intervention to make the changes that you may be too stubborn or blind to do yourself. If your higher power is expected to bring you salvation, this time could be very sobering. I am not recommending that you discard your faith, but use this as an opportunity to incorporate some of that divine energy. Dream bigger, act with purpose, visualize YOU helping YOU. That ‘hand of God’ that you may imagine reaching down and guiding you, do your best to channel and BE that hand. Guide yourself, you are divinity embodied.

Jupiter has gone into Retrograde

Time to focus on what has awakened, so we can let it go.

Since the full moon in Virgo, Jupiter has gone into it’s yearly retrograde pattern within the sign of Scorpio. This new moon fully grounds in the energy of this shift. Jupiter going retrograde allows us to focus more deeply and intensely. Beware of obsessions, especially over past associations or memories. Remember, the past is the past, we live in the NOW. Positive aspects of Jupiter retrograde is amazing resilience, the power to persevere through anything over time. Choose your thoughts, words, and actions carefully. If you wish to manifest change in your subconscious patterning, than do the work. Put in time, look yourself in the eye in the mirror, and speak your truth. No other can tell you how to live, only if you give them that power.

Mars entering Capricorn

Productivity takes center stage, but only after we clear the clutter

In a build up to this moon, Mars has been in square to Chiron. This aspect has worked to essentially make Chiron visceral to us. This has been for the majority of the week and is a generally uncomfortable time physically. The mind, the guts, the limbs, the activated body can get a little cranky and unpredictable. Where as the moon conjunct Chiron brings a deep awareness to unusual emotional and soul patterns, Mars and Chiron combine to work out kinks in the physical flow and assertive expression. Rage, anger, fits of sadness or an overall confused state are not uncommon.

Mars will be exiting Sagittarius and entering Capricorn less than 5 hours after the depth of the new moon. To me, planets exiting signs means that they are taking care of unfinished business. In all ways during this new moon cycle, be kind to your body, beware of your physical output, and be careful when operating machinery or tools. My recommendation is to dance, hike, or swim! Safe ways to express trapped energy in a fun environment. Also safe and playful sexual encounters would fit the bill quite nicely.

On a practical level, there may be more than a few projects that you have started since Mars entered Sag. Now, on this moon, is the time to refocus, cut chords with what isn’t working, and channel all of the residual energy into the productive and fruitful causes. Welcome Mars to Capricorn, get ready to get things done.


Chiron changing signs April 17th

I believe in the good things coming, first… transition

As we just spoke of Mars changing signs, Chiron as well will be shifting signs this year. On April 17th, Chiron will make it’s move into the sign of Aries. Chiron moves in an irregular patterns and spends variable times in each sign, have a look…

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 2.27.40 PM

Chiron, as well, will have some unfinished business to tend to over the next year, so keep this in mind as this will be the new moon that comes closest to the archetype of the wounded healer. You are being prepared for a greater shift, do your best to incorporate outside wounding as healing experiences.


Xx Live life for the full range of experiences it offers xX


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