I called James in response to a personal crisis. His reading was clear and informative, providing me information about how to respond to others in my personal relationships. He was able to express in a way that allowed me to understand the experiences I’ve had in the past, and the energies and influences that I can look forward to in the future. James helped me to feel whole again, to better know who I am, and authentic ways for me to respond in difficult times to prevent sinking. I want to start getting readings from him on a regular basis to promote personal growth. Thanks, again James!


I was so grateful for the opportunity to connect with James. He provided detailed insight in response to my questions using both his great astrological knowledge and spiritual gifts. I truly appreciate the compassion, kindness, and light he shined on my current situation. By the end of my session with James, I had a smile on my face and within your heart. Thank you so much!