Class Series @ Spark Project Collective via Four of Wands

Meet the Planets :: Astrology is all about the dynamic interplay of the planets. Each has their own unique signature and quality. Through his knowledge, wisdom and channeling of the planets, you will get to know them in ways you just can’t learn anywhere else.

Four of Wands // Spark Project Collective ::
4349 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85711

Four of Wands // Spark Project Collective :: 4349 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85711

Taurus New Moon Market
May 20th 2023 2-9PM

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Meet the Planets Series with James
In Person Classes @ Four of Wands
4349 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85711
All Classes 6-8PM

James channels and explores the depth of each of the planets within our solar system. Each class ends with an attunement to the frequency of the planet. James will use YOUR chart to help explain the dynamics of the planet.

May 12 :: Meet Saturn

Saturn gets a bad rap. In a solar system full of excitement and expansion, Saturn helps us to contract and get serious about what we are doing. The foundation of all that we do must be stable in order to explore, learn, and enjoy. Come and learn how Saturn plays a role in YOUR chart. We will talk about Saturn’s themes and lessons, and finish up by having a meditation to tune into the frequency of the planet.

May 26 :: Meet Chiron

Chiron is the key to us changing long standing patterns. The elliptical orbit of this planetoid makes for a very unique signature. As a bridge between Saturn and the outer planets, sometimes it’s hard to understand Chiron completely. We will delve into the wounded healer, and find out how he plays a role in YOUR chart. From the unique gifts to the unique pain patterns, Chiron holds deep power and magic. We will end with a meditation to attune to Chiron’s frequency.

June 9 :: Meet Uranus

Uranus has the ability to wake us up from our slumber. A planets that is quite different in it’s expression, uniqueness abounds when Uranus is prominent in the skies. We will take a not so conventional look at the Aquarian planet and what role they might play in the years to come. Through understanding how Uranus effects your own chart, you’ll gain insight on what makes you who you are. We will finish with a meditation to attune to the frequency of the planet.

June 23 :: Meet Neptune

Neptune’s dreamy and sometimes disorienting influence is a blessing. Our connection to spirituality is often found through exploring this planet’s placements and aspects in our chart. We will explore the themes and magic of Neptune and how it lands in YOUR chart. From meditative states, creativity, empathy, to mediumship and channeling, there are some major gifts in Neptune’s energy. We will end with a deep and dreamy meditation to tune into Neptune’s frequency.

July 7 :: Meet Pluto

Pluto is no joke. Despite being rather small, it’s impact is massive. A guardian between the soul and the body, Pluto does not mess around. Awakenings often require some level of deconstruction and Pluto will ensure that things fall apart when they need to. We will talk about Pluto’s impact on global events and how Pluto plays a role in shaping our life path. Through seeing Pluto in our YOUR chart, you will understand your purpose and power on a deep level. We will end with a meditation to release that which no longer serves us and tune into Pluto’s frequency.

July 14 :: Meet the Moon

The moon is a deeply reflective body. Before technology, before writing, before spoken language, the moon was just putting on a show. Deep in our core, the moon seems to know us and we know it. In astrology, the moon plays a deep and fascinating role. Through understanding the moon in YOUR chart, we can get into the nitty gritty of what makes us tick. From a sense of safety to our deepest pet peaves, the moon and it’s aspects show us the how and why of our personality quirks and engrained patterns. We will end with a meditation to say hello to the moon and attune to the frequency.

July 21 :: Meet the Sun

Without the Sun, we have no life. All of the food that makes up our bodies, must be generated with sunlight. The Sun, it’s placement, and aspects in our natal chart can tell us so much about what we strive for and need to feel fed and fueled. We will talk about the sun in YOUR chart. We will discuss ‘Sun Sign Astrology’ and it’s truths and limitations. If you want to know about astrology, this class is a MUST
We will end with a stellar and uplifting Solar Meditation.

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$30 at the door


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