Sun trine Neptune :: Feel the Flow

November 17th 2023 … The Sun and Mars are dancing, and making aspect to Neptune. Twice a year the Sun trines Neptune. During this time, we experience a heightened sense of the energy around us. Spiritual is a word that fits the bill. Every action can feel inspired and deeply meaningful. With this transit comes … Continue reading Sun trine Neptune :: Feel the Flow

Our Energy is Returning :: Mars Cazimi

We are in the midst of Mars return to the Sun. Mars is cazimi, in the heart of the Sun. All the planets have a dance with the Sun, and right now is a pivotal point in the Mars dance. In 2022 Mars was in retrograde in Gemini. If you have personal planets in that … Continue reading Our Energy is Returning :: Mars Cazimi

Awareness, Clarity, and Exhaustion

We step into the week with a tremendous amount of clarity and vision. The new moon is just a small part of a deeper process but is offering a calm in the storm. The eclipse window is just behind us and should have opened up a few doors that are often kept closed. Who knows … Continue reading Awareness, Clarity, and Exhaustion

An Era of Awakening :: Invest Wisely

We are expanding in to the parts of ourselves that we often deny or suppress. Collectively this looks like a lot of projection and frustration. Over the next few years, the biggest issues we face will be the ones that we don't ever talk about. The things that we take for granted. If we use … Continue reading An Era of Awakening :: Invest Wisely