Finding our Edges :: August 22nd-27th 2023

Mars in on a Journey of Self DiscoveryVenus and Jupiter are leaning us towards the dreamyThe Sun is seeking practical structure and karmic balance Mars 27° Virgo opposes Neptune 27° Pisces(Tuesday 8/22)Venus 15° Leo squares Jupiter 15° Taurus (Tuesday 8/22)Mercury 21° Virgo Retrograde Begins (Wednesday 8/23)Sun enters Virgo (Wednesday 8/23)Mars trines Pluto 28° Capricorn (Thursday … Continue reading Finding our Edges :: August 22nd-27th 2023

Neptune Transmits

Being free will require us to challenge our inner concepts, boundaries, and walls. It is courageous to look at oneself, at our very core beliefs, and say... "Ya know what, I could be completely wrong." Whether wrong or right, this process will take you on an adventure of growth and expanded potential. It's not about … Continue reading Neptune Transmits

Mars trine Neptune :: May 14th/15th 2023

Mars trine Neptune If you have Mars Neptune Aspects in the Natal Chart, this may be read as a thematic interpretation Bringing the physical aspirations to a higher level. Understanding what it is that we are here to do. Biological urges have a higher calling, when we understand this, we can ascend to a different … Continue reading Mars trine Neptune :: May 14th/15th 2023

Saturn into Pisces :: 2023

By March @ 7am pacific, Saturn will have shifted into Pisces. This makes March 6th the last day of Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn will now spend the next 6 years dancing in the realms of Neptune. First, Saturn hangs in Neptune’s home domicile of Pisces. Then in February of 2026 Neptune and Saturn enter the … Continue reading Saturn into Pisces :: 2023

The New Year Cometh

Ending 2022 - Beginning 2023 Tuesday begins a dreamy revisitation of the last year through the guise of emotion. In Jupiter's wake, the moon now dances. Seeing visions of what was and also what could have been, shake off the excess and guide your vision towards a bright future. A poignant Wednesday seeks closure but … Continue reading The New Year Cometh

A Sobering Adventure :: Sagittarius —> Capricorn

Shifting Passions Pragmatism and Adventure Risk and Investment We have been out on quite an adventure. Sagittarius Venus Sun Mercury happening just after a rugged and deep delve during the Scorpio eclipse season. Mars has been playing the role and antagonizer, instigator, and fuel source from its opposing position in Gemini. All of this was … Continue reading A Sobering Adventure :: Sagittarius —> Capricorn

Monday November 14th
Don’t get carried away… or DO!

Photo :: Monument Creek, South Rim, Grand Canyon The highly activated energy of Sunday the 13th takes on a new expression. The moon shifted from a sensitive place to an expressive space. The world seeks to be seen, while others seek to control what is seen, as it may show more than they would prefer. … Continue reading Monday November 14th
Don’t get carried away… or DO!

Mercury oppose Neptune

This aspect is active until October 5th 2022. We are being drawn into the new, the mysterious, the unknown. Pulled out of our usual patterns and challenged to stay focused on our rituals. There isn’t much that is necessary, often we can only realize this once the superfluous is removed from possibility. Whether by distraction … Continue reading Mercury oppose Neptune

Astrology of a Queen… Elizabeth Windsor 4/21/1926 – 9/8/2022

As a Queen, this individual is likely to stir strong feelings in millions if not billions of people worldwide. In this writing, I am not interested in discussing her actions as much as the potentials expressed in the chart and how they indicate this royal lifestyle and all that goes along with it. When someone … Continue reading Astrology of a Queen… Elizabeth Windsor 4/21/1926 – 9/8/2022

Retrograde Report 2022

***All points Tropical Zodiac*** April 29th (Pluto Rx) - May 10th Planets Rx :: Pluto As of April 29th, Pluto will enter its retrograde.Spanning 28°35’ back to 26°.Forward motion beginning October 8th.Pre-shadow January 6th January 29th 2023. May 10th (Mercury Rx) - June 3rd Planets Rx :: Pluto and Mercury As of May 10th, … Continue reading Retrograde Report 2022