The Sun Sends Love

The transformation is uncomfortable. The space cleared is asking for something new to come forth. Old habits and patterns have ceased to express themselves. There is an increasing awareness that is sweeping humanity. Patterns, once seen, can never be unseen. There is an opening, the distance between the pattern and your awareness. A spotlight on … Continue reading The Sun Sends Love

Aries Full Moon Check In :: Session Special

Dearest Moon!!! I didn't know you'd erupt out of me like this, but I'm glad you did.Let's start with the ugly part. The crying, the rage, the confusion, the dissatisfaction. I woke up to you hungry but I could barely feed myself. I know I made the oatmeal, but I didn't like it. In fact, … Continue reading Aries Full Moon Check In :: Session Special

It’s hard to say no, but…

Its actually not that hard. It just requires some context. No is a complete sentence. I know how I feel. I know what is right for me.I have calculated all that I am interested in adding up, and to me, the answer is still no. As I sit and contemplate, I feel into my center, … Continue reading It’s hard to say no, but…

Upgrades Abound // October 6-7th 2021

A busy busy time!The next 24 hours is a time of upgrades and changes...The new moon struck us as we slept in most of the US 4AM Pacific 7AM Eastern Our emotional bodies have been catapulted into the future which equals anxiety and escapism. However, through presence, we will all catch up with ourselves in … Continue reading Upgrades Abound // October 6-7th 2021