Refresh from Rx

I’m really proud of the way people are handling their lives. All around me, I see you respecting each other and sharing vulnerably. These practices are essential to build a new model for living.

The recent retrograde periods of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury had us lagging back into the depths of our patterning. Now as we emerge forward we are stronger, cleaner, and better suited for positive growth. We have gleaned insight on how we work, and now we can restructure ourselves as we choose.

Remember to rest and that things are kinda new to a lot of us. This hasn’t been the most comfortable time and the reverberations of our shifts, much like aftershocks, will still come and go. As always, some days are better than others. Find practices that bring you to center, instead of up or down.

You are here for a reason and your heart is made of gold. Run the right energy through your mind and body and you will glow like the Sun. What feeds you best? Only you know, you are your own best healer.

It’s worth the discipline, friends, it really is. Take care of yourself, and trust that others can take care of themselves. We don’t want to live in a world where we are constantly cleaning up messes that we could easily avoid.

Presence in the moment matters. It’s not about what happens, but how you respond. Biting your tongue or listening to someone vent without judgement can be the difference between a good day and an amazing day.

Thank you for every moment that you look inward and learn from it. You are investing in an amazing future. We are just figuring things out <3 Enjoy the ride.

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