The Sun Sends Love

The transformation is uncomfortable.

The space cleared is asking for something new to come forth. Old habits and patterns have ceased to express themselves. There is an increasing awareness that is sweeping humanity. Patterns, once seen, can never be unseen. There is an opening, the distance between the pattern and your awareness. A spotlight on stage, it’s much more challenging to continue negative patterns when you can see them. You begin to witness your unfolding. Many opportunities now exist for you to interject and question things. Within this new space of awareness, you can begin to choose a new path or pattern.

We know what is right, having done what it takes to reclaim personal power. As we found our way back to awareness, we were motivated by something to notice what was happening. Some instinct or intuition that it wasn’t in our best interest. We know what we want, we are guided towards our desires by the desires themselves dancing with the universal law of attraction. Sometimes, we just want things because we want them. There is no intellectualizing these desires, they simply are desire. Goals, dreams, passions, they stem from somewhere. Anything that arises regularly from our body and awareness is important to consider. This is an area where we can learn much about ourselves. The events and influences in our life are always bringing us somewhere. The sometimes disturbing and dangerous path of your life, that too, is a divine guiding light for your current moment and personal awakenings. You’ve arrived here one way or the other, blessed to be witness this moment. Give gratitude and honor that you know how to find the path for yourself.

Hell yeah, trust yourself.

May you be bathed in the joy of being. You are radiant. Massive waves of love surround us like an ocean. Receive the healing, the rebalancing of your system.

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