Soda is a Shit Drug

As a kid I was ravaged with health concerns. My mood, mind, and body were a complete wreck. I spent my days bouncing from one junk food to another. I became toxic at a very early age, I had no concept of health food, and I had zero palette for anything other than fast food, … Continue reading Soda is a Shit Drug

A Satirical Preview of Super Bowl LIV

It's aquarius season again and you know what that means! The NFL Super Bowl returns to galvanize global audience. This year, the roman numerals spell out 'LIV'. One can only assume this is a coded cry for help from the players, hoping to live through 60 minutes of smashing their brain matter together. This year … Continue reading A Satirical Preview of Super Bowl LIV

A Message for Cancer Rising

If you happened to be born when the constellation of Cancer was on the Eastern Horizon, this would delineate you as a Cancer Ascendant. In my understanding and interpretation of astrology, the rising or ascendant is indicative of a planetary rulership. The sign of Cancer falls under the rulership of the moon. Therefore, if you … Continue reading A Message for Cancer Rising