A Message for Cancer Rising

If you happened to be born when the constellation of Cancer was on the Eastern Horizon, this would delineate you as a Cancer Ascendant. In my understanding and interpretation of astrology, the rising or ascendant is indicative of a planetary rulership.

The sign of Cancer falls under the rulership of the moon. Therefore, if you were born with a Cancer rising, you want to pay special attention to your Moon placement within your chart.

Off all of the planets and points within astrology, the moon changes both latitude and longitude quicker than any other. The moon has many faces and phases. The moon is hidden for half of the day and only partially illuminated by the sun 99.999% of the time. Besides it’s exact full point, it is always shrouded in darkness and mystery.

In all charts, the moon governs our sense of emotional stability and can show what makes us feel safe and secure. Not all charts are ruled by this, but those with a Cancer rising are.

What this adds up to is a deep sensitivity to the moon, to it’s movements, to it’s ebbs and flows. In all human psychology, thoughts creates emotion. With the emphasis on the moon for a cancer rising, this process is multiplied and feeds itself, stealing logic and common sense and replacing it with deep and penetrating waves of emotion.

One minor thought or impression could have us swept into a netherworld of doubt, fear, delight, confusion, certainty, and all of the other states that seem so damn real when emotions are high.

Moodiness isn’t a negative thing, I mean it can be. It is just a thing to know about oneself, that perhaps you aren’t the best person to be making decisions for others. That perhaps your underlying emotional state influences your worldview more than you know. The problem that can arise is to justify thoughts and actions based on emotions. The key to solving this is to remain fluid and to avoid gross generalizations about anything at all.

Focusing on the self and the needs of the body are the essential actions to finding balance and peace as a cancer rising. Due to the susceptibility to outside influence, it is also of vital importance that you have a personal moral compass at all times. Something deep within, a practice, a philosophy, that centers you as the waves of emotion tumble in and around you.

Learn about basic science and psychology and never assume anything. With the cancer rising, your assumptions are errant by nature because they are influenced and motivated by emotion.

It’s okay to shift through moods, this is an unending internal process. Self mastery is found when the moods are allowed to shift, when they do not influence our overall personal philosophy. Others are not responsible for your mood shifts, you are. Do not ask others to be sensitive to your sensitivities. If someone is too insensitive, do not spend time with them, and take the opportunity to sure up your own boundaries.

Be around bodies of water as often as possible. Stay hydrated and avoid overeating. You would be amazed at what a short water fast can do for your overall emotional well being. Food can be very satisfying, but often we hunger for nurturance, food can be a replacement for appropriate and nurturing relationships. Using food in this way will lead to physical symptoms that can drain you of vitality and be downright annoying.

Ensure that your environment nurtures you, that the people around you are taking responsibility for their actions and emotional output. If not, you may be carrying the weight. Carrying the weight for someone else is not actually a gift to them, it is enabling and it is a form of manipulation. This may be hard to hear, because it feels good to take care of someone else. In the end, if your efforts are not strengthening another, than you are just weakening your sense of identity, pissing away your gifts.

One key sign that you are a toxic enabler is if people vent regularly to you. They unload their stuff on you, they say things like, oh oyou are so easy to talk to. Your sensitivities are strong, respect them by disavowing practices of gossip and over helping. Always help yourself.

Ask yourself, regularly and lovingly, “What do I need to feel safe, right now?”

This will be your shield against the advancements and harshness of the outside world. You are no doormat, you are a fountain of light, use the light to feed yourself.

Crystal Recommendations

Amazonite – peace, communication, clear expression

Opal – emotional awareness, purification, seeing beauty in feelings

Larimar – soothing, awareness of beauty, ocean energy

3 thoughts on “A Message for Cancer Rising

  1. Thank you for this offering. I have Scorpio moon and much of what you’ve said here is in line with how I am in the world with my emotions. I have to be mindful to not let them totally carry me away.

  2. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ♡ the struggle is real …and beautiful. thank you Jamie☆
    *Cancer rising in my chart ✔♡

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