The Green Dragon // Assist at Standing Rock

The green dragon seeks to eat the greed of the world.  Dragon energy is powerful beyond the understanding of human minds and eyes. Dragons are loyal but also independent, and they are a key holder for the new Aquarian age. Call on the green dragon to help where greed is implicated. GREEN DRAGON INVOCATION FOR … Continue reading The Green Dragon // Assist at Standing Rock

Jupiter Square Pluto // 11.21-24th

Jupiter Square Pluto - Nov 21 - 24th ((exact 24th)) Happens once every 3-4 years.  Two other dates this year due to retrograde pattern. Passions ignited.  Amazing energy for personal agenda, a time to move forward with that which inspires you ((Jupiter)).  Beware, however, of seeking power at any cost ((Pluto)). Squares are often described as … Continue reading Jupiter Square Pluto // 11.21-24th

WTF America? Making Sense of Things

The majority of this country is not racist and homophobic because of Donald Trump.  They were not this way because of the election or his campaign.  You could, however, argue that this will give them "permission" to be more outwardly expressed in their seemingly close minded opinions. If you feel that this is a possibility, … Continue reading WTF America? Making Sense of Things