Everything Feels Wrong, and that is Okay

As an astrologer, I am always looking for patterns.  As a human being, I am always looking for ways in which the awareness of these patterns can ultimately help me.  As a spiritual being, I am always considering how my findings can be shared with the whole of humanity.

I love my brothers and sisters so much.  The pain that I feel in their struggle far outweighs my personal pain and issues.  My sense of a higher power lies within me, with no reason to look any further, other then to see the reflection in everything else.

This week has been challenging for those closest to me, my fellow American citizens.  The times are trying in ways we could never have imagined, pressing us on our deep held beliefs, prejudices, and sensitivities.  We can often forget that our words are harmful, and our morals of the day prior can be eschewed so quickly when we don’t get what we want, what we feel is right.  The same boundaries that were violated by our oppressors, we find ourselves violated in the lives of others.

Standing on a seeming moral high ground, we lower ourselves in a “tit for tat” “eye for an eye” battle.  Perhaps your moral high ground is what your ego needs to ignore the obvious descent into a shadow expression.  Remember that “equality” and “balance” is an inside job.  Beyond finding balance in oneself, we cannot expect any other element of life to agree or participate in our endeavor for social justice.  Yes, we can hope, we can pray, we can petition, but in no way can we expect the world to fall in line or even care.

The struggles that you face as a woman, as a minority, or as part of the LGBTQ community are noticed.  Your brothers and sisters of light will do their best to not let you down, but in the end, they must first take care of their inner children.  I am a part of each of you, regardless of my gender or race or sexual orientation.  To this end, I feel you, I love you, and I respect your dignity and right to be angry, volatile, and vulnerable.

At this point I would usually ask for something, or make some call to action, but I won’t.

Instead I will tell you to just carry on.  Whether it is ugliness or prettiness is immaterial.  Sometimes we just fuck up.  Sometimes we just break down.  Sometimes we hate, we kill, we rage.  Whatever comes up for you, just let it flow.  Throw the attitude of “who cares” at your problems, see what sticks.  If you are, at your core, and awful hateful person, then society or your community will probably make you aware of it in some fashion.  If you have faith in yourself and life, just let it flow, no rules.  We, as a global society made up of a collection of communities comprised of families made up of individuals, will work it out.

Peace comes through a peaceful viewpoint of self.  Let go of your spiritual aspirations and embrace YOU.  All else will inevitably fail you, it is only what you have in the moment that you can fall back on.  Pay homage to the simplicity and rewarding nature of self care.

Your supporters are around you, we are more alike then you think.  Take advantage of this, I look forward to hearing about your life and meeting with you.

Xx Treat others as you would like to be treated xX



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