WTF America? Making Sense of Things

The majority of this country is not racist and homophobic because of Donald Trump.  They were not this way because of the election or his campaign.  You could, however, argue that this will give them “permission” to be more outwardly expressed in their seemingly close minded opinions.

If you feel that this is a possibility, it is vitally important that you seek out those who may be targeted, that you visually and vocally display your support of those who are in these marginalized groups.  Stand up and tell everyone around you that you will not accept the mistreatment of your brothers and sisters under any circumstance.

What I see is something different, I see a country founded on bigotry and violence, built on slave labor and patriarchy.  ((Keep this in mind, that around this time in the world, when the country was founded, this was the way in which all places were “claimed” “seized” “discovered”))  All facilitated by fundamentalism and a Christian/religious agenda.  The fact that Donald trump was elected is not because anything went “wrong”, it is because it is finally an accurate depiction.  To me, the most terrifying part of all of this is the idea that we may regress backwards into a country that is run on religious dogma.  I am so personally excited about the awakening I see in so many people, while I may not be super excited about the format in which the awakening is saying HELLO!


The religious idealism of Catholic and Christian mindsets only seems to separate us as a people from our sense of self.  Filling us with a forged idea of a “higher power” and thus taking that power away from the individual.  If one is indoctrinated early enough in life, you can even say that the person has never had the opportunity to make use of this power.  The power which to me is a birthright, is inherent, is infinite.  ((To the institutions that preach “giving your power away” I know that my brothers and sisters of light have our eyes on you, and we are taking back the power, namaste))

Most individuals in this country don’t interact with other human beings.  They see them as obstacles in the way of them buying Tostitos, Mountain Dew, and cigarettes.  They interact more with the television then with humans outside of their immediate family.   They are triggered like mice in lab studies by the cost of gasoline, or the most recent scandal involving a pop star, or whatever drivel the local and national news is pouring down their throats.  

The majority of Americans live cloistered lives where they are never exposed to ideas like non binary gender roles, meditation, vegan lifestyles, the female orgasm, traveling to foreign countries, eating fresh organic food, hiking, conscious dance, and plant medicines that open up the awareness like psilocybin, LSD, ayahuasca and DMT. 

They live their life on reality television, prescription medications, sodas, and sofas.  They are not offered the spiritual or physiological nutrition necessary to expand their worldview to the level of taking responsibility for their role in creating the world.

I realize I am not speaking of every human being who cast a vote in support of Donald Trump, and to this end I have another point to share.  When we put people into groups like ‘white men’ ‘black women’ ‘latinos’, we are buying into the ignorance.  Regardless of how these “groupings” voted, it doesn’t mean that they are alike in any other way then the ‘words inside the quotes or label’.  By saying things like “white women ruined America”… you are crushing the heart of humanity, which is the freedom to be an individual, regardless of race, sex, religious belief.  Can you please just stop feeding the bigotry and the hatred by categorizing humans into racial, gender, or age cohorts.

A novel idea… own your insecurities, your fears, and your judgements, and treat each individual as a soul.  A being of limitless potential, incarnated in a body suit, to share the infinite possibilities of the life experience here on Earth.


Sending hate to Donald Trump is as childish as you can be in this situation ((besides saying that you will move and then not doing it)).  If you want to leave, then please leave, I’m all for people doing what they want ((and there is no sarcasm in this comment, just love)).  I understand you are upset, like, why did it happen?  How can someone elect a racist… they must also be racist!!!  ((not true, please quit it with the hyperbole))  A vote, in fact, for a candidate, means that a person ‘voted’ for a candidate.  It does not actually mean anything about them as a person besides that fact.  You do not know the intentions or the workings of the inner world of another.  I understand, though, that it does make it easier to judge people in this fashion.

It’s easy to say, “oh yeah, bunch of stupid racists, they are just not smart people.”  But, sorry to say, it’s a lot more complicated then that, and you are shrinking your love potential by sending such negative imprints towards other beings, towards other souls.

To be honest, though, some people are uneducated xenophobic bigots.  Some are, some of my family members are, that’s life and I wish it were different.  But one way or the other, the electoral college ((one of the most ridiculous things with the word “college” attached to it besides my ‘college’ degree in Psychology)), the same one that elected Obama two times running, now elected Trump.  The system has spoken ((even if not the popular vote)), and I am as surprised as you are.  Do we need to all line up and say, “alright we are excited about Trump!”… of course not.  Democracy is kind of a joke, and I say that lightly.  The president is a puppet and figurehead for the most part, but I digress.

Never throw your blind allegiance behind anyone or anything besides yourself and your sense of the universe.   Position in a church, in a society, a club, or politics is nothing but a title.  This person is just like you, with a different job and a different pay rate.

Compassion and Perspective on Trump



Trump is terrifying, right?  Because of things he has said, I get it.  But why not take just a minute and consider all of the less then intelligent things that you would have said in your life.  Have you ever stood in front of millions of onlookers and had to answer questions about the state of the world?  I’m guessing you might flub a few.  Also what if people were secretly baiting you to expose your shadow side with microphones as they stroked your ego?  What might come out?  Have you ever been investigated by perhaps the most powerful investigators on earth with the sole agenda of making you look like a terrible person?  I’m guessing not.  All this being said, I imagine you wouldn’t call Mexicans rapists, want to send certain races back to their own country, and you wouldn’t advise to grab women by the genitals.  Trump certainly does himself no favors.

But if we are judging this man off of what he has said about muslims, Mexicans, and women, then isn’t there room now for things to change, to just say something different?  I mean, isn’t that politics?

Think about all of the positive promises made by recent American leaders?  And then nothing happens, isn’t that the more likely story, that, just like most American presidents, their campaign promises go largely if not completely unfulfilled, and they get bogged down in trading handshakes to ensure that the rich stay rich.

Why are we more upset about Trump offending women then we are at both Obama and Hillary supporting the murder of innocent people in foreign countries?  How many wars are we currently involved in?  And please don’t feed me the line about nuclear codes and Trump’s inability to control himself,  Trump is no more likely to start a world war then Hillary or any other lifelong politician.  War creates the money and the oil that greases those palms in Washington.

Point being, Trump has been an asshole, a prick, to our faces, he has brought that level of ignorance to the surface.  He represents everything that is wrong with a large majority of uneducated people.  But the current establishment ((including some of the shadiest dealings in the history of American elections…ahem DNC corruption, ahem Debbie Shultz)) has consistently done these kinds of acts behind our backs while lying to our faces.   Lest we forget there were invasions launched on 9-11 into countries with zero connection to the event.  Also the country decided to use this as an opportunity to spy on you under the name “patriot act” ((grrrrrr)).

If you are enraged by my words then so be it, I won’t disagree or judge you, we are all free to believe what we want to.  I support your frustration and send you love.


A Call to Action

The president makes very little difference in your life, unless you want it to, unless you decide it does.   We as human beings have a direct impact on our friends and family, pets and neighbors.

If this result makes you angry, then please delve deeper into your reasons, and for the love of god make a plan, join a group, attend a protest!!!  Help the people who are most scared by letting them know that you have their back.  The good news is, those who see trump as a hero are the same people who were too scared to look at the fact that he had zero plan, that he has zero experience, that his seeming charisma is just him speaking and thinking with his penis.

Why is this good news?  Because people motivated by fear and hate live in fear and hate, they are now anesthetized by the result and will likely enjoy seeing Trump t-shirts at the area Walmart and proudly wear them to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner ((I am not joking, this is something I know my family members would do)).


Keep up with your local organizing.  Have gatherings of like minded people and offer them a space to vent without judgement.  Do not judge others for supporting Trump, at least not to their face, if you can help it.  Offer them understanding, compassion, and love… the qualities that you don’t seem to see in the president elect himself.

In closing, do not forget about the movements that have already developed in this country.  Right now in North Dakota, the brave and loving men and women that are standing in front of the Corporations and saying “no, you will not violate our sacred rights and poison our water”.  On the streets of America, people are waking up to the blatant racial bias and unprovoked violence happening within our militarized and mismanaged police system.  Real independent news is being made available trough multiple sites, spurred by social media and supported by your friends, real people with no agenda but to share honest love.

“I believe in the good things coming” ~ Nahko Bear


My gift during this transitional time

Meditation to restore Hope

Xx Keep sharing your thoughts, catharsis through words is powerful xX

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