The Truth about Scorpio

Prelude to Scorpio

One sign always leads to another, and the 8th sign of the zodiac is preceded by the 7th, Libra.  Libra initiates our venture outside into the world.  In the natal chart, the seventh house indicates the first portion of the zodiac wheel that is above the horizon.  So, we step into the public eye, we release ourselves from our sometimes oversimplified and sometimes overcomplicated inner world.  We are birthed to and born into relationships.  Now, we switch into the next gear… Scorpio.

Let’s get Real

The eighth house finds us getting higher into the sky, observing just a bit more, but still with the heavy weight of a long and self referencing journey through the first portion of the zodiac.  This, my friends, is where we shed the oldest and most archaic of patterning.  Thus, Scorpio is associated with the unconscious, psychology, renewal, regeneration.  Scorpio does this by associating itself with TRUTH.  We also find that Scorpio rules the taboo.  Now, in my opinion, Scorpio energy is really about truth, and therefore holds the key to uncovering the way in which we lie to ourselves.  Therefore it covers topics such as brainwash and internal programming.  This gives this sign and its planetary ruler, Pluto, the ability to access the deepest levels of any issue.

Nothing is more essential in a quest for truth then to expose the deep seeded lies.  As a child, you may have been sold many such lies about yourself or about reality.  Perhaps you had a traumatic experience, abuse, neglect, or physical trauma.  From these experiences, you may have created an entirely new and false sense of reality to keep yourself safe.  As a child, this is very helpful, but as you grow, this becomes an anchor that you tow.  Expect the Scorpio season to find the places in which the lies are most bothersome.  Expect the Scorpio season to find the ways in which the truth is hidden from you.

For better or worse, you will come out with a more resounding resonance with truth.  Whether you are ready to learn these things, or even look at them, is up to you.  For this reason, be extra nice to yourself this month, as the truth behind life comes flooding in.

Scorpio as a Symbol

Scorpio is the fixed water sign.  What does this mean, well here are a few interpretations.

  • ON THE LOWER ASPECT :: stubborn/toxic/vindictive emotions, sensitive ideologies, worrisome fear, passionate feelings, unwillingness to forgive.
  • ON THE HIGHER ASPECT :: courageous caring, consistent support, inspiring bravery, honest advice/insight/observations, reliable teammate, profound emotional healer.

Scorpio energy is medicine.  For some, it can feel like poison.  A scorpion sting, a snakebite, a ‘dose’ of reality.  The way in which the energy enters the body is that of a flood.

It is, of course, a water sign.  Imagine for a moment the ocean… now submerge yourself from the surface and head deeper and deeper.  Continue to descend into the Mariana Trench.  You are 36,000 feet below the surface of the ocean.  In this space, there is no light, expect for that which is created by bioluminescent organisms who move through this dark, cold abyss.  At any moment, you could look in every direction with your eyes and see absolutely nothing.  If your imagination gets the best of you, you could imagine that a 200 foot shark was a few feet away, just moments from clenching you in it’s terrifying merciless jaws.  At the same time, you could also imagine that a doorway to another dimension, lacking suffering and tragedy, was at an arms length, just waiting to be opened.

This is the level of Scorpio awareness.  To me, the most sensitive of all signs, making it possibly the most psychic, if the energy can be guided in such a direction.  Aquarians, in my opinion, have a similar trial in tapping into psychic abilities, however it is their ego that may get in the way, thinking that they “know” instead of peeking into the universal doorway to access information.  Scorpio, on the other hand, must deal with the constant flood and tendency to identify with the emotional currents with which they are comfortable.  If they are able to allow the waters to overflow the riverbanks of past experience and expectation, of emotional hurt and distress, then they are gifted with full and unrelenting access to the domains of the occult, taboo, hidden, and all that which is beyond the normal realm of human awareness.

They are the witches, the wizards, the tarot masters.  They are the truth tellers for sure.  Because of their honesty and emotional sensitivity, be careful what you do and say around them.  As is possible with all human beings, they can be hurt, and easily.  The difference is the depth and the emotional memory offered by the energy of Scorpio… the stain is both deeper into the fabric, and more stubborn to remove.

Personalizing Scorpio

…often misunderstood

If you follow my writing or my radio show, you will know that Sun Sign Astrology does not get you very far in my world.  Just because someone was born on October 28th does not mean that they are a “Scorpio”.  The sun is just one of many planets in the Natal Chart.  The position of all the planets, and aspects to them, should be taken into account when assessing the potential for one specific sign to express itself in a person.

That being said… if you have a Scorpio Sun or Moon.  If you have personal planets such as Mars, Venus, Mercury, or Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio.  If you have your sun or moon in the Eighth house ((Scorpio)), or Pluto ((Scorpio ruler)) in the first house.  I could go on and on, I think you get the picture.  ((For a full run down on your chart contact James for a reading)).

The number one rule is “NEVER lie to a Scorpio”, and the secondary rule is “Stop lying to yourself around a Scorpio”.  Scorpio may find it difficult to trust.  This is because most of humanity at this time is, in one way or another, lying to themselves.  Some people like to live this way, they assume roles in the community that make them feel all warm and fuzzy.  They attach meaning to passing complements or ‘likes’ on facebook.  They prefer to small talk and have a few drinks now and then so that they can later come home to a comfortable and pretty space.  THIS AIN’T SCORPIO.

Scorpio would prefer to be alone most of the time, not because they dislike people, they can actually be quite obsessed with human nature.  They prefer to be alone for a few reasons.  One reason is the sensitivity that they feel.  Imagine the way you feel when someone speaks very loud, when they are right next to your ear.  Now imagine your whole body is an ear, and even the slightest whisper is a scream.  This is what life can often feel like for a Scorpionic individual, you’d probably want to be alone also.  The second reason is that they have seen the truth since the day they were born.  These are the people who are considered odd because they understand themselves just a little ‘too deeply’.  In my opinion, the Scorpio energy is often the saving grace of a gathering.  ((my Aquarius sun is in the Eighth house)).

I will be sitting and watching everyone smiling and exchanging pleasantries until someone comes and sees me directly and sits down.  Before long we are getting DEEP into a topic of conversation perhaps not suited to the rest of the party goers.

Scorpio individuals will appreciate the depth of your personality and be willing to overlook incredible lapses in judgement and niceties if you are willing to be ‘real’ with them.

Scorpio Does

If you get the opportunity to sit down and talk to a scorpio, be willing to share the most embarrassing and painful piece of your experience, you will be rewarded tenfold with support and nonjudgmental understanding.  You may even receive some much needed lightness of heart, as Scorpio natives are highly skilled at joking about the ‘darker’ or ‘nastier’ things in life.

In other words, if you want to talk about death, blood, sex, using the restroom, vomiting, or abuse and violence from your past, they will lend an especially helpful ear.  When receiving their words of wisdom, be ready to get hammered with the truth of the situation.  It is said that every encounter with a Scorpion must at some point or another involve a sting from the tail.  Remember, this sting is medicine, take it as such.  If you find yourself wrapped up in a battle with a Scorpio, show them that you are strong, respectful, and stand your ground.  They will, with time, back away.


A Time to Challenge your Conventions // A Channeling of Scorpio

“Being at the top of the food chain is nice, but good luck staying there for very long.  We are insects, devouring all that we need as we crawl upon and over one another in a ‘struggle’ for survival.  Release the resistance to this dance, release your judgement of this sometimes ‘petty’ competition.  If you want to be run over, then please, by all means, continue to run over others.  If, however, you want peace and calm and place to call your own, retire from the norm, grab a seat and some popcorn.

Break your chains, yes, the ones you put on yourself everyday.  Maybe you do so by tying your tie, maybe you do so by applying your blush, and maybe you do so by attending church on Sunday.  Whether or not you agree is immaterial, the truth is abundantly clear, YOU ARE IN CONTROL.  To a certain degree, your CONTROL is the practice of GIVING AWAY YOUR POWER.  Scorpio says “please, girl, get over yourself”.  From the all seeing eye of Plutonian truth, your fear makes you a toy to be played with.  It is so obvious that you fear rejection and loneliness, that you fear bankruptcy and death, that you fear being judged publicly for your appearance or social status… these are your weak points, and every manipulative asshole on the planet knows that about you.

We are not here to tell you to change that, we are simply here to tell you that, if you do, you won’t have so many people and institutions constantly messing with you.  Power comes through OWNING THE SELF.  Disempowerment comes through DISOWNING THE TRUE SELF, which is, indeed, the God Self.  You are the CREATOR of your reality.

The next time you look in the mirror, don’t ask for peace or guidance or assistance, just ask for the only thing that can actually do that… TRUTH.  And remember, the truth is ugly at times, so am I, and honey, so are you.  If everything was perfectly aligned and ‘well groomed’, there would be no way to find the path out of this madness.

So for the next month, try something different, try not caring.  Use the largest social issues of our time to bow out of blending in.  Protest bullshit with honesty, THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.”

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Amazonite – soothe the throat and assist in expressing truth, an overall softening of expression without sacrificing authenticity.
  2. Black Tourmaline – protect yourself from toxic energies while staying grounded, protective on both physical and spiritual levels.
  3. Labradorite – get in touch with the unseen, protect your energetic field with a rainbow of positive vibrations, practice your magic.

Xx Never sacrifice your truth xX

About the Author ::  James Ray is a gifted Astrologer, Psychic, and Empath with a way of seeing directly into the souls of his clients through the lens of his own heart. Using the clarity of his Aquarian mind he can pinpoint areas that may be problematic for you; and offer grounded and practical advice for looking at these issues.



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