Creating Heaven (or Hell) on Earth

Our modern world is filled with individuals and entities that claim to be your savior.  Whether it is a convenience to your home, a new and exciting car, an infomercial for a weight loss supplement, or a passionate religious leader; they are everywhere.  Even if you were not raised religious, buried deep within the human psyche and societies of Earth is the “savior” mentality.

This has a profound effect on the way that we live our lives and view the world.  The reasons why this pattern has developed is for each individual to decide.  In my life, I have come to understand this…

Individuals who are “waiting” or “searching” for a savior, tend to be less troublesome and more passive overall.

When you consider that, if there is even the slightest understanding somewhere in your unconscious, that something or someone is coming to save you, then you will be less likely to “put up a fight” and become possibly apathetic towards reality and even irresponsible.  Look at it this way… as a child, if you knew that your parents were going to return home and clean up the house everyday, you would undoubtedly be less likely to clean up after yourself.  Look at the “kids” now here on our gorgeous planet, they are raping and pillaging the land as if it were the middle ages.  Religious fundamentalism, which at it’s core more often then not speaks to the fact that “in heaven” or “on judgement day” “blah blah blah”, we will all be redeemed, or find salvation, is causing incredible amounts of damage through their ideology.

The idea of heaven and hell is not something that I completely disagree with, but it is the painting and projection of heaven and hell as a reward or punishment.  As a place that somehow will occur “later”.  To me, however, in my years of self reflection, bouncing around from various religions and spiritual practices, HEAVEN and HELL truly are places on Earth ((cue the music… oooh baby)).

Karma ((the energy of your lives paths)) is a self fulfilling reward.  By following the karmic ties and pulls, shifting those relationships towards God consciousness ((unity with all/oneness)), we establish freedom from our own “mistakes” and “guilt” and other deleterious patterns of being.  This is how you ((and your inner GOD)) find your way back to heaven ((freedom/unity/oneness)) and out of hell ((doubt/judgment/separation/victim)).

My biggest gripe with the idea of services within this life becoming a benefit or punishment in the afterlife is this… You are the creator of your reality, and thus YOU, and only you, have the ability to experience both heaven and hell.  The idea that heaven is something that you attain after life, is in fact, the easiest way to create HELL.

Follow me if you can… You are here, right now, with your feet on the ground, reading this article.  At any moment, a thought or emotion may trigger your awareness to expand or contract, your feelings may cause you to doubt the reality around you, or they may even find you praying for peace and experiencing eternal gratitude.  GOD ((and that word is extremely loaded)) has gifted you with the ability to CREATE your reality.  GOD ((the energy that supports your intentional manifestation here on Earth and beyond)) is in no way watching you and judging you.  GOD ((the collective idea of all that you cannot comprehend yet trust nonetheless)) is not waiting for a certain amount of time to pass, is not pausing for a moment because of a planetary transit or NEW AGE to begin.  GOD ((the part of you that is everlasting)) does not have any power that you do not give her/him/it/them.

waiting waiting waiting

WE are WAITING for US to awaken.  YOU are WAITING for YOU to SAVE YOU

By seeking a savior, you are literally looking in the mirror and not even seeing yourself.  This practice leads to self doubt, self loathing, exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, and a general lack of focus and attention span.

By waiting for a savior, you are wasting away and running and far less then maximum potential ((JOY)).  This practice leads to laziness, aloofness, impatience, confusion, nervousness, and an overall sense of dissatisfaction.

Both of these practices are in one way or another anesthetizing.  Seeking a savior gives purpose, waiting for a savior brings a sense of peace.

You are the creator

The major irony here is that YOU yourself are the savior you seek.  As is true with all projection onto the outer world… YOU are always the key that you seek, YOU are the puzzle piece that initiates a catalytic reaction and return to ONENESS ((UNITY)) with SELF ((GOD)).

Do the work and receive immediate benefits, regardless of your affiliation with any church, cult, or social group.  The more responsibility YOU take for YOUR salvation, the quicker you will shift from HELL, to HEAVEN.

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Elestial Quartz – with its multiple terminations, elestial quartz has the ability to tune into various frequencies and will become an ally as it can GROW WITH YOU.  Program this stone to hold the frequency of your higher self.
  2. Seriphos Green Quartz – this stone develops between slabs of marble on an idylic Greek island.  It is said to carry the frequency of “Heaven on Earth”, need I say more.
  3. Danburite – a superbly angelic stone.  Angels surround you, right now in fact.  They seek to guide and remind you of the “lightness of being”.  Danburite will inspire the feeling in you that religions “promise” in an instant.

Xx Never give your power away xX

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