Seeing the World through a Spiritual Lens

“Since we see the world through either the eyes of the lower self and negative ego or from the perspective of the higher self … we will therefore relate and interrelate with others through either the principle of separateness or of unity.  The difference between these two ways of perceiving and interacting is literally the difference between heavenly and hellish states of consciousness.” ~ Joshua Stone

When we walk through our day, it is all too easy to believe that we are encountering challenges, blockages, or somehow being inconvenienced by the things that are outside of us.  Traffic, lines at the post office, a long wait on the phone with the cable company, these are just some examples that can have us cursing existence itself.

I am not here to tell you not to be frustrated, but I am asking you to examine the role you play in manifesting your life.  There is no time that is “better” or “worse” for spiritual growth.  Which, in my own life, means the embodiment of the God Principle, taking full responsibility for your actions, reactions, judgements, and life situation.  It is knowing, beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt, that you ARE the creator of your reality.  Now remember, you are embodying, you are integrating the God Principle, so be patient with yourself, it is a process that can consume lifetimes.


Any situation that creates static in your life, where you feel like “oh dammit, I can’t take this right now!”.   This is YOU, manifesting yourself as a victim.

There is no grand promise from any creator, there is no PERFECT place to be (besides right where you are at every moment).  In fact, if you consider yourself a seeker, if you desire to be ABOVE or to TRANSCEND anything at all, then the very insinuation that somehow tomorrow, yesterday, or the afterlife is better than RIGHT NOW, is pure hypocrisy.

The practice of evolution and transcendence does not occur in linear time.  Linear time, in fact, is just one of many egoic creations that can cause us to become STUCK in victim/separation mode.

In challenging situations, it is essential and highly beneficial to find your center.  Whether it is a person, a group, a team, a bill, an institution… these entities are your TEACHERS.  They, for the duration of the DIVINE interaction, are the arbiters of your highest lessons.  These momentary “setbacks” are the manifestation of your highest calling.  When you resist a situation, through judgement and complaining, you are telling Source energy that IT is broken.  You are a child of the universe throwing a tantrum.

This is not to say that each of us is on equal footing.  When viewed from the EGO, we are in fact very very different.  Some of us have no legs, no vision, no money, no shoes, no food.

However, from the viewpoint of the eternal energy that animates YOU as a living breathing human, you aren’t different from me in the slightest.  You are a portion of GOD attempting to remember that ALL THAT YOU SEE AND EXPERIENCE, is also part of you.


Applying this Mindset

Shift your situation.  Any example would do here, but let us discuss something that is coming up for all of us these days.  As you scroll your newsfeed, as you hear blips from the TV during the news cycle, or as you use your own internal barometer to decide who/what/when/where to vote, you may experience some uncomfortable “feelings”, to say the least.

The initial reaction may be to cast judgement, to spew anger, to consider someone lesser than.  You may desire to pull your computer or television from it’s resting place and toss it out the nearest window.  These are all reasonable feelings to have, and the thoughts themselves are a great description of your feelings and emotions.  At this point, you have decided not to break any of your own belongings and may find yourself stewing in the consideration that the system which governs the country you call home may have a few flaws.  You cool down, take a few deep breaths, and can now see the situation for what it is.

The ego would tell us to self righteously proclaim the insanity and stupidity of the other side.  Or to boast the merits of your choices out to the world, letting everyone know just how smart you are.  Regardless of what you do, realize that you are making a choice.

In every moment, in every interaction, you have the ability to see the ONENESS… or the SEPARATENESS.

This time is a true test for humanity, because we are bombarded by the material world’s efforts to have us see all things as separate pieces, never fully actualized and always requiring another THING to be complete.  It IS a reality that the nation is divided.  It IS a reality that we have SEPARATE opinions and preferences.  What a fascinating time to be alive…no?

How do WE as a human race find the tie that binds us together?  Well, honestly and quite embarrassingly as I am the author of this article “I don’t know”.  What I will tell you, though, is that you can practically and easily improve your life, and the quality of the lives around you, by following these three little guidelines.

  1. Use your imagination positively – whenever you fear the worst, envision the best.  This will be different for all people.  Some may have diametrically opposed “ideal” states then you.  However, the tie that will bind them together is the EASE, and relief of STRESS that comes along in each person.  The bridge that we build will have nothing to do with outcome, it will be about IN-COME.  In that, our inner world comes to be a place of PEACE and POSITIVITY, connecting us all on that pleasant vibration.
  2. Turn it off – if you find that your mind is being pessimistic, complaining, or seeking some sort of attention around your preferences or viewpoint, it’s time to walk away.  Some other ways to do this are to… unfollow, unfriend, block, dance, play music, sing, scream… When I say “turn it off” I also mean your mind.  As dads all around the world would say “You need an attitude adjustment”.  Take some responsibility for your inner movie, and change the subject by shifting your environmental cues.
  3. Be willing to be wrong – perhaps the toughest of all three, be willing to allow others their “right” to be “right”.  One step to seeing the world in a spiritual fashion is to allow the ego to die on a daily basis (don’t worry it will come raging back).  When you allow another to be right, to have the last word, to scream their “truth” from the soapbox, you are saying NO to the inner judgements and cries for attention.  You are relieving yourself from the ego driven duty to “teach” the world.  Trust me, my friends, this tip will save you years of anguish throughout your lifetime.

Wherever the moment finds you, you are in the perfect place.  If your goal in this life is to be a part of something bigger then yourself, trust me, the people that piss you off are highlighting the way.  Thank them with your loving understanding, and realize that you TOO are teaching them in the exact same fashion, so love yourself, everyday in every way.

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Snowflake Obsidian – ground and protect you from negative energies.  The “snowflake” aspect representing the stone’s ability to highlight our own inconsitencies, a stone of self awareness.
  2. Moldavite – ((careful with this stone, put it down if you feel overwhelmed)) enhanced spiritual growth, a clear connection to other dimension, a deepening of your connection to spirit.
  3. Amethyst – stone of the new age, allows you to resist the ego urge to fight and battle, see the “higher” aspect of situations, stress relief.

Xx Thank you and bless you xX

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