Neptune Transmits

Being free will require us to challenge our inner concepts, boundaries, and walls. It is courageous to look at oneself, at our very core beliefs, and say… “Ya know what, I could be completely wrong.”

Whether wrong or right, this process will take you on an adventure of growth and expanded potential. It’s not about any certainty or destination, it’s about holding your space within the experience of consciousness. To do this without constricting or attempting to refine the universal wisdom.

What we are is limited and mutable based on our approach. Yet what IS is infinite and unlimited. It is our sense of reality that both serves and reduces our ability to live and exist. Some of these ideas are helpful, but only for a time.

Rethink, stay open, reconsider.
The time has always been now… but now, more than ever before, people are starting to get it.
Thus… the time really is NOW.

Open up and transcend beyond right and wrong, just BE.
The potential of our thoughts to create reality is unfathomable… for now. As you adapt to changing circumstances in your life, consider what ways of thinking will serve you. Don’t be afraid to run tests and practice. Give things time, write things down, track yourself.

As the planets dance through their transitions, you’ll find deep patterns and waves of support and challenge. The support is designed to refresh you and push you forward. The challenges to cause you to dig deeper and refine your approach. Take the good with the bad and allow them to blend into a wave. Within that frequency, you are aligned with source energy.

What we witness is less than us. The observer is larger than the experience.
Imagine that power. What have you witnessed? What are you witnessing right now?
Observe the senses, observe the observer, and so on.
Allow consciousness to fractal into infinity, just let go.

As the typography of the universal downloads begins to speak the language of transformation, it can be easy to confuse the messages with the static of human creation. Wires and waves, vibrations and tones emanate from the technology of humankind. Even this is perfect design, created and orchestrated by God themself. The layers of experience are available to all of us. One person’s treasure is another person’s trash. A victimization to one is a triumphant lesson to another.

As we exist in temporal space, we receive snippets of the full spectrum. For now, in our human form, we exist within the rules of this solar system. Saturn holds memory of our commitments and actions. Without this, the very fabric of our soul which chose this incarnation, would lack the ability to refine as desired. Remember this, you chose this. You ARE exactly where you need to be.

The quirks and discomfort is a natural part of traveling through space time, as a multidimensional being, encased in a matrix of specifically attuned mental creation. We are all more than this, this is why we can observe, study, and dance within it.

The cycle of suffering is the knowingness of an off ramp looming around every third bend.

The kingdom of heaven is a gnostic awakening… know your power, use it to experience what you choose. Furthermore, take what you choose and consider everything and everyone you know… what is the most ideal alignment in conjunction with all these things. There is no wrong answer, but we limit ourselves when we refuse to explore the idea.


Find ways daily to calm your nervous system. Is it meditation? Is it sleep? Is it dietary change?
Maybe it is sobriety, maybe it is experimenting with psychoactive substances.
Find your medicine and use it.
At the very least, explore what works for you, be open to the process, you never know what you’ll learn.

Go for a walk
Take a bath
Hug someone
Call that person
Speak to God
Say NO when you don’t wanna do something
Eat a snack
Drink some water
Turn off your phone
Leave your house without your phone
Get in bed early
Stay in bed late
Cancel plans
Sing loudly
Wear a sexy dress

We are here to live, have some fun. Tell the universe what you are, don’t let it get twisted.

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