Neptune Transmits

Being free will require us to challenge our inner concepts, boundaries, and walls. It is courageous to look at oneself, at our very core beliefs, and say... "Ya know what, I could be completely wrong." Whether wrong or right, this process will take you on an adventure of growth and expanded potential. It's not about … Continue reading Neptune Transmits

I was made, now I choose

We are Shaped Early life is quite a shocker. We wake up to being alive many years after birth. I have some memories of being an infant and toddler. Random events burned into my memory. As a whole, I really don't recall much before the age of 5. Perhaps for you it is earlier or … Continue reading I was made, now I choose

Facing Emotional Challenges – Venus Out of Bounds

So I've been beat up. More than a few times. Life presents challenges. No examples really needed here, we have all had tough breakups, financial challenges, lost a loved one, been sick or depressed for a spell. Regardless of what mood I am in, I can always reflect on the fact that I am doing … Continue reading Facing Emotional Challenges – Venus Out of Bounds