Facing Emotional Challenges – Venus Out of Bounds

So I’ve been beat up. More than a few times. Life presents challenges.

No examples really needed here, we have all had tough breakups, financial challenges, lost a loved one, been sick or depressed for a spell.

Regardless of what mood I am in, I can always reflect on the fact that I am doing just fine, right here and right now. To say that challenges have made me stronger is a misnomer.

No, in fact, I have made me stronger. I have done so by carrying whatever weight is brought on by the challenge. Continuing to do as I do in mind, body, and spirit, regardless of what I am carrying.

The ups and downs of challenging times have been the impediment to my consistency of presence. Emotions play a larger role than I would prefer in my life, to be quite honest. I am swayed by small situations to blast off into entirely self created worlds of escapism and idealism.

Venus Out of Bounds

Venus is currently out of bounds until December 13, 2019. This means that the declination of Venus is beyond 23°25′. This, ahem, means that Venus has nothing to keep it in check. Feelings run deep and wild. Passions, sensuality, desires are vibrant and perhaps even overwhelming. In addition, Venus is conjunct with both Jupiter and the Galactic Core over the next few days November 21-24, 2019. This transit will add even more depth and expansion to the energy of venus. Truth WILL be uncovered during this time, so stay focused and pay attention.

This is my story as it writes itself, noticing what this transit is bringing to light in my life.

When challenge presents itself in a form I had not anticipated, this is when things become most problematic. Somewhere along the line I decided that feeling very deeply and sorrowfully for myself was the best course of action. I can see now, as an adult, that this pattern is inefficient and unnecessary.

I created this practice as a child because I felt so deeply misunderstood and unloved. I took every opportunity I could to learn to nurture myself, and difficult situations gave me every excuse to just hide away and cry or eat my sadness away.

Many of the lessons we face as children are bigger than our current incarnation. Much like the actions we plan to take but never get to day to day, there are psycho spiritual courses we are taking that require longer than the life to be complete. Thus we are thrust into this new body and very early on are struck with incomplete lessons. The key is to wake up as quick as possible before you dig yourself in too deep here in the Maya (illusion) of the physical world.

So now I am saddled with what appear to be ailments, mental illnesses, diseases and health patterns from my childhood experience. Here is the thing… everything is in perfect order, and there are no victimized souls. With this perspective shift you can observe that your childhood (and all experiences for that matter) are utterly perfect. Exactly what you needed at the exact time you needed it.

Overcoming Illusion

Confusion and deep sadness comes into play for many factors. The most powerful of which is the expectations we develop and pick up on from those around us, the media, the world at large.

For some reason, and I can only speak for America where I have lived my entire life, we as a country are terrified of our emotions. Specifically we would like to pretend or ensure that ‘bad’ feelings or ‘sad’ feelings are not happening.

In order for things to go ‘well’ all the time, we must not attempt to contort physical reality to meet our standards. We must contort our standards to accept physical reality as perfectly aligned.

Meditation, yoga, psychedelics and anything else that allows us to receive without question become a miraculous cure for unhappiness. When we observe our reality and allow it to flow, we begin to respond as opposed to react.

We all know the importance of personal empowerment, without it we are driven by the will of the wind. When we react, our decisions are most often emotionally based. We are choosing from a place of weakness and lack of personal volition. This is obvious during arguments or blowups, but the deep impact in our lives is really within the emotionally reactive patterning.

My emotions pushing me into reactive decisions

How we react toward the outer world is symbolic of what is happening at the deepest levels of our unconscious. If we freak out at someone who causes us trouble, we are likely to be freaking out at thoughts or revelations that cause us trouble. If we are choosing escapism when life gets tough, we are likely choosing escapism when our inner world becomes tough.

These patterns are dangerous. We can become delusional very easily. We can assume and completely misunderstand situations. In fact, with these reactive patterns in our subconscious, we may even self sabotage and have no idea that we are culpable, thus initiating and forwarding the ‘victim’ cycle.

As I mentioned earlier, my natural instinct to an unsuspected challenging situation was to cry, eat, and be alone. I had completely allowed the challenge to shift my being. I had chosen to shift course by way of this unsuspected flat tire or loss of income. By the lack or recognition or rude interaction with a customer. Thus the victim mentality actually begins to make sense. The only problem is, we have become a VICTIM to OURSELVES. We are both the operator and the participant.

Good luck saying this to someone who is in the throes of an emotional wave of absolutism. Like I said, it is just so easy to believe whatever you want to believe, if you want to believe it.

All that we can do is focus on our own perspective at all times. Be vigilant about where your mind wanders and who you let influence you. Perhaps that family that feels so cozy and safe is actually just the place where you don’t have to grow. The comfort zone calls in the lessons but contains none of the tools with which to tackle them. Without a conscious effort to explore ourselves and allow the natural ‘ups and downs’ that come with being human, our dark corners will close in on us, breaking down that which we love.

Sharing the Gift

Yo, I hear you dawg…

What we CAN do for others is hold space for all of their creation. AS a spectator and a compassionate listener, you can affirm their very existence as opposed to affirming only that which is ‘good’ or ‘acceptable’. With proper tact and tone we can remind others when their version of themselves doesn’t actually fit with what we all see in them. Remember that while you can offer a snapshot of your viewpoint, you will never remove them as ‘player one’ in the game of their own creation called life.

Foster mindfulness in others by being mindful, that one is pretty easy. You are not responsible for their journey. They will work out all of their lessons in due time. Feel free to relax, listen, and set boundaries for yourself whenever appropriate.

As for facing your own challenges, remember that all is well and ends well. You contain unlimited nurturing energy when you offer it to yourself. Take the longview and get active towards a resolution whenever feasible. It’s best to tackle obstacles as they come along. Carrying the weight of a to-do list only energizes these tasks as the days go by. Often the easiest tasks can be the most challenging to confront, simply because of the amount of thought and talk we have put into it.

As Venus finishes it’s time OOB on December 13th, feel the release of hyper reactive emotional waves. Until then, try not to make any large decisions about the path of your life. Learn where your passions lie, and use the energy of the times to uncover deeper blocks towards your acceptance of a blissful state of being.

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