Venus in Capricorn – Muse Me

Venus moves into Capricorn
19:30 Eastern / NY
16:30 Pacific / LA
And will be there until

Will you enjoy the vibes?

Do you like things to be less dramatic and more practical?
Do you prefer patience over instant gratification?
Do you get a bigger rush out of saving money than you do out of spending it?
Do you prefer to get things done on your own if possible?
Is your idea of ‘magic’ making a list and then doing the things on the list?

If so, you gonna like this energy 💖

Use this time to get a grasp over seemingly out of control emotions. With enough self awareness and discipline, you can turn sadness into joy and bitterness into forgiveness. The practical nature of Capricorn will give you back the energy once used on drama and storytelling.

Remember that Venus is out of bounds until December 12th. What does this mean? Well it means that the shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn will be swift. Notice today how much easier it is to feel organized. Also notice how responsibility takes precedence over spontaneity.

With the sun in Sagittarius, take advantage of the next few days to get in line with your goals. This is the energy of the New Years resolution, so start aligning today, it will pay off for the whole of 2020.

Venus in Capricorn tells us that no matter how fun something may be, it is even better when we prepare for the journey.

Venus in Capricorn can show us how we block ourselves, but only one step at a time. Never a day off, always aligned with climbing the mountain. Well versed in the art of footwork, Venus in Capricorn makes for methodical and precise dancing within the realm of emotions and feeling.

Resist the urge to control others. They are likely feeling the same about you. Resonate strong boundaries and remember that asking for help and asking for a savior are two very different things.

Sink the Groupthink

People are simply not as smart in groups or in public settings
Have meaningful one on one conversations
Get to know the intimate details about someone
Subvert the ego attachment to quick twitch judgements
And build new neural networks of compassion and understanding
Viewpoints on issues are not part of someone’s internal fabric
They are an outer expression based on a range of stimuli brought through a unique perspective
Get to know the uniqueness within each being
There are holy angels just outside your door
Love them and break the walls of ignorance

Health is Wealth

Speaking from personal experience with depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

If you suffer from any of these, you need to rethink your diet.
Your body, your mind, your blood is literally built of the things that you eat.

My life didn’t begin until I changed my diet in my late teenage years. I was a sad sack of shit, just like the bags I used to down from McDonalds.

I preach the gospel of good health, because my life has been the journey. You can heal your body. 

I am grateful to those
who seem lost in the drama
I am reminded to hold my center
within the storm

Let Yourself Come Undone

you know that feeling
when your ship is sinking
and you need to rethink your plans
we all do
it happens everyday
never let society
or parents
or bosses
or anyone
tell you that you have to ‘tough it out’
be patient, give things a chance
but know in the end
it is your vitality on the line
when you continue doing things
you really don’t want to be doing
may we all be blessed
with the courage to engage
our highest dreams
because if we align with ourselves
we are an unstoppable force
weaknesses disappear
stumbling blocks
become stairs
to a higher level
of understanding reality
rattle off the dust of generations prior
its a new age
things are not how they were before
no one needs to validate you
you are a perfect piece of cosmic pie
and loved beyond all comprehension
receive and move forward
this life is your life
live it
love it

Orbiting Gifts

The stars are out there
Just floating orbs in space
resonating energy
influencing subtle bodies
vibrations emanate from their surface
collections of minerals and gasses
cosmic dust
the product of fiery collisions
followed by
our earth has been blessed
with atmosphere
so sweet and serene
that we, a being so sensitive
can live, breathe, and thrive
so lackadaisical are we
that we in fact
dig into
and pollute
and burn
the ecosystem that creates
the tenuous balance
which graces our lungs
with oxygen
which graces our skin
with just the right
amount of sunlight

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