12.2.2021 :: Structural Integrity

December 2nd 2021Flares and Lunar AspectsWe are in for an emotionally rich and highly intuitive day. Between 1PM and Midnight Eastern Time... The moon makes aspects to Neptune, Venus, Mars, Pluto, then Jupiter. All of this happening as solar winds and a solar flare (CME) reach the Earth's magnetosphere. Mercury is slowly separating from the … Continue reading 12.2.2021 :: Structural Integrity

Lunar Eclipse November 19th 2021 :: Our Gifts Reawaken

The eclipse comes to a completion about 3 hours later. When the Earth is in the middle of the Sun and the Moon, so to are we. Raised from the soil, the rock, the seas, we are children of the Earth. Our bodies are an amalgam of Earth compounds, we have electrical magnetic bodies. We … Continue reading Lunar Eclipse November 19th 2021 :: Our Gifts Reawaken

You are not Alone

One of the hardest things about being vulnerable is being witnessed. Others witness just how damn hard we are on ourselves. They might even point out how that isn’t a good idea For whatever reasons that we don’t need to get into, we have these intense pressures we put on ourselves. Certain standards and ideals … Continue reading You are not Alone

New Moon in Scorpio – Fight for your Calm

November 4th New Moon Exact 2:15 PM Pacific @ 12°40' ScorpioOpposition to Uranus @ 12°47' Rx TaurusVenus @ last degree of Sagittarius (enters Capricorn 11/5 @ 3:45 AM Pacific) THEMES Overdoing it, taxing the kidneysWorking ourselves into madness instead of facing our shadowThe act of staying busy to avoid personal awarenessExhaustion, regeneration, decay, regrowthPersonal revolution, … Continue reading New Moon in Scorpio – Fight for your Calm

Aries Full Moon Check In :: Session Special

Dearest Moon!!! I didn't know you'd erupt out of me like this, but I'm glad you did.Let's start with the ugly part. The crying, the rage, the confusion, the dissatisfaction. I woke up to you hungry but I could barely feed myself. I know I made the oatmeal, but I didn't like it. In fact, … Continue reading Aries Full Moon Check In :: Session Special

Upgrades Abound // October 6-7th 2021

A busy busy time!The next 24 hours is a time of upgrades and changes...The new moon struck us as we slept in most of the US 4AM Pacific 7AM Eastern Our emotional bodies have been catapulted into the future which equals anxiety and escapism. However, through presence, we will all catch up with ourselves in … Continue reading Upgrades Abound // October 6-7th 2021