Falling Apart and Coming Together

In order for things to come together, they also have to fall apart. The glue that makes reality appear cohesive is actually an agreed upon illusion. We may find, at times, that it is far easier to believe a fantasy than to accept the level of 'unknown' that we face as humans living on Earth. … Continue reading Falling Apart and Coming Together

Adapting after Trauma

Fear is a choice :: Faith is a lifestyle No matter what comes to pass, trust that you will know what to do and how to handle things. As situations arise that call for your attention, your past experiences will serve as a data bank that informs your decisions and movements. There is a fine … Continue reading Adapting after Trauma

Mercury and Venus both Retrograde :: How Rare is it? 8.23-9.4.2023

Mercury and Venus both RxHow rare is it?Including August 23rd -September 4th of 2023...Over an eight year period, there will have been about 6 weeks where both planets were simultaneously Retrograde. Mercury and Venus will both be retrograde from today (August 23rd) until September 4th. While Mercury goes retrograde several times a year, Venus goes … Continue reading Mercury and Venus both Retrograde :: How Rare is it? 8.23-9.4.2023

Mars trine Neptune :: May 14th/15th 2023

Mars trine Neptune If you have Mars Neptune Aspects in the Natal Chart, this may be read as a thematic interpretation Bringing the physical aspirations to a higher level. Understanding what it is that we are here to do. Biological urges have a higher calling, when we understand this, we can ascend to a different … Continue reading Mars trine Neptune :: May 14th/15th 2023

The New Year Cometh

Ending 2022 - Beginning 2023 Tuesday begins a dreamy revisitation of the last year through the guise of emotion. In Jupiter's wake, the moon now dances. Seeing visions of what was and also what could have been, shake off the excess and guide your vision towards a bright future. A poignant Wednesday seeks closure but … Continue reading The New Year Cometh

The Soul Shines Through :: Plutonian Review

On the evening of December 22nd and overnight into the 23rd, the moon moves into Capricorn, joining the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto. Since Venus ingressed into Sagittarius on November 16th, there has been at least one personal planet in this mutable fire sign. Things are changing! They are getting more pragmatic and kinda serious. … Continue reading The Soul Shines Through :: Plutonian Review

Chiron Rx 2022 : A Blessed Healing Time

Take it slow, rushing may get you hurt. Everyone gets things wrong sometimes, best to give them space to heal. Chiron has been moving in concert with Uranus for most of the last few years. The Rx expands the orb of relationship between these two, offering just a bit of breathing space. 30° is a … Continue reading Chiron Rx 2022 : A Blessed Healing Time

Soular Family

I distrust nearly all authority… That which I do trust, I am highly skeptical of and never take at face value. No one else is me. The circumstances of our current hierarchies leave a lot to be questioned. Why some out of touch aging folks in robes get to decide anything is beyond me?! The … Continue reading Soular Family