The Moon brings things Home :: Pisces Full Moon / August 30th

Full Moon August 30th @ 7° Pisces The full moon activates and personalizes recent planetary movements. The lunation has a way of activating energy. The moon makes personal the planets changing signs, going retrograde or direct, and to a lesser degree having aspects to one another. For instance, Uranus turned retrograde over the previous week … Continue reading The Moon brings things Home :: Pisces Full Moon / August 30th

Finding our Edges :: August 22nd-27th 2023

Mars in on a Journey of Self DiscoveryVenus and Jupiter are leaning us towards the dreamyThe Sun is seeking practical structure and karmic balance Mars 27° Virgo opposes Neptune 27° Pisces(Tuesday 8/22)Venus 15° Leo squares Jupiter 15° Taurus (Tuesday 8/22)Mercury 21° Virgo Retrograde Begins (Wednesday 8/23)Sun enters Virgo (Wednesday 8/23)Mars trines Pluto 28° Capricorn (Thursday … Continue reading Finding our Edges :: August 22nd-27th 2023

Venus square Saturn :: April 13-14th 2023

Gemini to Pisces @ 4º Work for pleasure. Pleasure from working. Getting to the truth of feelings. Making decisions. Creating lasting change in approach to relationships. Finding new ways to structure agreements. Bringing something tangible to your relationships. Restrictive feelings. Unrequited love. Love of structure and form. Benefit from dedication and duty. Building something that … Continue reading Venus square Saturn :: April 13-14th 2023

Saturn into Pisces :: 2023

By March @ 7am pacific, Saturn will have shifted into Pisces. This makes March 6th the last day of Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn will now spend the next 6 years dancing in the realms of Neptune. First, Saturn hangs in Neptune’s home domicile of Pisces. Then in February of 2026 Neptune and Saturn enter the … Continue reading Saturn into Pisces :: 2023

A Sobering Adventure :: Sagittarius —> Capricorn

Shifting Passions Pragmatism and Adventure Risk and Investment We have been out on quite an adventure. Sagittarius Venus Sun Mercury happening just after a rugged and deep delve during the Scorpio eclipse season. Mars has been playing the role and antagonizer, instigator, and fuel source from its opposing position in Gemini. All of this was … Continue reading A Sobering Adventure :: Sagittarius —> Capricorn

Jupiter Neptune :: highlighting the web of life

Jupiter Neptune the The Third Eye Opener The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune exacts on the 12th of April. This paring occurs about every 13-14 years. This time around, both planets are in the sign of Tropical Pisces. As this approaches, things continue to get more complicated. Decisions and actions taken in the realm of … Continue reading Jupiter Neptune :: highlighting the web of life

Full Moon in Virgo :: Full Tilt

Full Moon Exacting March 18th 12:15AM Pacific ::chart given see photo:: The moon is already in the sign of its fullness (Virgo) and will making aspects to planets until and after the peak. So consider the full moon from now until the early hours of 3.18.2022. Lunar aspects personalize and make the larger planetary transits … Continue reading Full Moon in Virgo :: Full Tilt

Sun Neptune Day :: March 12th 2022

::Remember that astrological aspects are most powerful as they 'apply' and beginning to wane quickly as they 'separate':: The haze of this transit still hangs over us tomorrow March 13th With the looming conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter (April 12th) that which expresses itself right now may turn out to be misinterpreted energy. Passion, desire, … Continue reading Sun Neptune Day :: March 12th 2022

Dual Realities

As Jupiter moves into Pisces a collective storm has been brewing in the minds of the masses. The expression of those thoughts and fears will now manifest in a mess of confusion and drama. Not all people have been drawn into this dark fairy tale. Those who have been paying attention to the inner domains … Continue reading Dual Realities

Healing the Receiver

How could we want anything other than goodness for all? Do we really want that for ourselves? Do we feel like we deserve it? Or we have to earn it? In my estimation it’s about a perspective shift. Somewhere along the line, we were told to be lack oriented and bitter. We were taught that … Continue reading Healing the Receiver