The Moon brings things Home :: Pisces Full Moon / August 30th

Full Moon August 30th @ 7° Pisces The full moon activates and personalizes recent planetary movements. The lunation has a way of activating energy. The moon makes personal the planets changing signs, going retrograde or direct, and to a lesser degree having aspects to one another. For instance, Uranus turned retrograde over the previous week … Continue reading The Moon brings things Home :: Pisces Full Moon / August 30th

Full Moon April 5th 2023

Full Moon @ 16° Libra April 5th 2023 Exact 9:34 PM PST Hooked on a feeling?Well, definitely exploring the feelings… energy is easy to come by but without moderation our vessel may be spent. The emotional intelligence is high, but do we want to accept the responsibility that comes along with it? Nothing is perfect, … Continue reading Full Moon April 5th 2023

The New Year Cometh

Ending 2022 - Beginning 2023 Tuesday begins a dreamy revisitation of the last year through the guise of emotion. In Jupiter's wake, the moon now dances. Seeing visions of what was and also what could have been, shake off the excess and guide your vision towards a bright future. A poignant Wednesday seeks closure but … Continue reading The New Year Cometh

What’s the deal with a Full Moon?

There are two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. Luminaries literally mean that they ‘light things up’. On a clear night, I can still hike without my headlamp if the moon is full or close to it. This light is actually the reflected light of the Sun. During the height of the full moon, the … Continue reading What’s the deal with a Full Moon?

New Moon June 28th 2022

June 28th New Moon Sun square Jupiter Mars square Pluto (7/1) “The light and shadow are attempting to fuse together. This can drive us to our energetic ends. The key is your emotional awareness and willingness to allow things to unfold, there is more to come” Optimism and exuberance, this is a day time energy … Continue reading New Moon June 28th 2022

Moon in the Dreamworld! :: March 30th

Wednesday March 30th 2022This is what dreams are made of...Moon in between Jupiter and Neptune for 6 hours right in the middle of this day! Overnight we will find ourselves leaning into the somber yet active energy of the new moon. (tune into my video tomorrow to get the full download on that LINK HERE … Continue reading Moon in the Dreamworld! :: March 30th

Dual Realities

As Jupiter moves into Pisces a collective storm has been brewing in the minds of the masses. The expression of those thoughts and fears will now manifest in a mess of confusion and drama. Not all people have been drawn into this dark fairy tale. Those who have been paying attention to the inner domains … Continue reading Dual Realities