Energy Moves and Clears :: April 10th, 2023

Today the moon moves through Sagittarius making trines to the Aries stellium of Chiron, Sun, and Jupiter. What is awakening may have us shaking, but we can use that energy to move ahead on projects and blockages. The key is to stay focused on where you are headed as opposed to where you’ve been. If … Continue reading Energy Moves and Clears :: April 10th, 2023

Full Moon April 5th 2023

Full Moon @ 16° Libra April 5th 2023 Exact 9:34 PM PST Hooked on a feeling?Well, definitely exploring the feelings… energy is easy to come by but without moderation our vessel may be spent. The emotional intelligence is high, but do we want to accept the responsibility that comes along with it? Nothing is perfect, … Continue reading Full Moon April 5th 2023

Chiron Venus and Jupiter :: Create Feel and Learn

You should be concerned for your life!Yes, we all should. A general sense of 'what the heck is going on?' is helpful. We've been born into a world where a lot of what we think is us... actually is not. Consider that pretty much every system that you work with was created BY and FOR … Continue reading Chiron Venus and Jupiter :: Create Feel and Learn

The New Year Cometh

Ending 2022 - Beginning 2023 Tuesday begins a dreamy revisitation of the last year through the guise of emotion. In Jupiter's wake, the moon now dances. Seeing visions of what was and also what could have been, shake off the excess and guide your vision towards a bright future. A poignant Wednesday seeks closure but … Continue reading The New Year Cometh

A Sobering Adventure :: Sagittarius —> Capricorn

Shifting Passions Pragmatism and Adventure Risk and Investment We have been out on quite an adventure. Sagittarius Venus Sun Mercury happening just after a rugged and deep delve during the Scorpio eclipse season. Mars has been playing the role and antagonizer, instigator, and fuel source from its opposing position in Gemini. All of this was … Continue reading A Sobering Adventure :: Sagittarius —> Capricorn

New Moon June 28th 2022

June 28th New Moon Sun square Jupiter Mars square Pluto (7/1) “The light and shadow are attempting to fuse together. This can drive us to our energetic ends. The key is your emotional awareness and willingness to allow things to unfold, there is more to come” Optimism and exuberance, this is a day time energy … Continue reading New Moon June 28th 2022

Jupiter Shifts :: Energies Move :: Eclipse Coming

The world has changed irrevocably over the past few years. Over the next few weeks, for the first time in over 2 years, everything is as open as it will be.We are out of the shadow of the those events astrologically. The only planet still left in that realm is Pluto as it heads back … Continue reading Jupiter Shifts :: Energies Move :: Eclipse Coming

Retrograde Report 2022

***All points Tropical Zodiac*** April 29th (Pluto Rx) - May 10th Planets Rx :: Pluto As of April 29th, Pluto will enter its retrograde.Spanning 28°35’ back to 26°.Forward motion beginning October 8th.Pre-shadow January 6th January 29th 2023. May 10th (Mercury Rx) - June 3rd Planets Rx :: Pluto and Mercury As of May 10th, … Continue reading Retrograde Report 2022

Moon in the Dreamworld! :: March 30th

Wednesday March 30th 2022This is what dreams are made of...Moon in between Jupiter and Neptune for 6 hours right in the middle of this day! Overnight we will find ourselves leaning into the somber yet active energy of the new moon. (tune into my video tomorrow to get the full download on that LINK HERE … Continue reading Moon in the Dreamworld! :: March 30th

Jupiter Neptune Convergence

HIGH AND BLISSFUL...NERVY AND TENSE As the energy of Jupiter transits the realm of Neptune in Pisces. The grounded middle space may be the most difficult to maintain while flights of fancy and deep explorations are more the norm. The ups and downs of these upcoming weeks (peaking April 12th) are indicative to an expansion … Continue reading Jupiter Neptune Convergence