The Moon brings things Home :: Pisces Full Moon / August 30th

Full Moon August 30th @ 7° Pisces

The full moon activates and personalizes recent planetary movements. The lunation has a way of activating energy. The moon makes personal the planets changing signs, going retrograde or direct, and to a lesser degree having aspects to one another.

For instance, Uranus turned retrograde over the previous week (8/28). This shift in the cosmic weather if certainty felt in some obscure and perhaps excitable way. Knowing Uranus, there is a buzz to the air that can have us vacillating between high energy and low. These effects are more generalized than the personal meaning of Uranus’ placement in and movements through our chart. 

When the moon conjuncts a planet, it is brought into personal focus, highlighted in our depths. It is seemingly ‘in the water’ or the ether. In this way, the moon brings the planetary energy ‘home’. Every four+ weeks, the moon touches each planet. This is nothing new.

The moon holds memory, so it is always a repository for the incoming cosmic energies that reach us. Consider the moon a satellite, a transducer bringing the ‘vibes’ of the planets down to earth.

While the moon is always dancing in this way, the full and the new moon are heightened and deepened expressions of its qualities.

Here on August 30th, we have the full moon. The moon is highlighting and emphasizing the recent cosmic shifts (of which there are many).

So what exactly is the moon bringing ‘home’ and ‘down to earth’? What is the moon helping to make ‘real’?

Saturn :: This full moon is closest to the planet Saturn. Saturns venture through Pisces is just getting going. We are currently living through the first retrograde of that transit. The heavy responsibility of Saturn in Pisces is being felt far and wide. People need us, they need help. We have been lost in a dreamworld of technology, drugs, entertainment, and personal fantasy. Over the next few years, creative works and humanitarian expressions can assist us in moving forward with love. When one is hurting, we all hurt. If we are moving towards a better world, we are doing all that we can.

Why is Saturn activated by this Full Moon? The full moon is within 4° of Saturn.

Uranus :: Uranus turned retrograde in Taurus just a few days prior to the full moon. Bringing this home can feel like swallowing a beehive. There are a lot of new things happening in the world and it is hard to keep up. Uranus I’m the stable earth sign has a tendency to create anxiety and mess with our focus. Social media and the internet have infiltrated every facet of our lives. During the retrograde, it’s important for us to consider the what, when, why, and how of this dynamic. The future is coming for us. New things everyday. Extreme events increase as we continue to advance and evolve. How can we cope? Can we prepare for events that we cannot predict? Perhaps it’s time to go back to your roots, to your core. Time to sit still and watch the fireworks, both inner and outer. Your insights come from within, go speak with them.

Why is Uranus activated by this Full Moon? Uranus turned Rx on August 28th. The moon helps integrate.

Venus :: Venus stations direct in the sign of Leo in just a few days (9/3). We have gone back into our stories. The ‘woe is me’. The victim mentality. The angry bitter part that seeks revenge. By now, we should have an idea of the type of attention we seek. The truth is, whatever we aren’t getting, it’s our job to change our approach to life in order to get it. Maybe we have to stand up for ourselves. Maybe we have to change environments. Maybe there are some people that make us feel good, but are actually toxic! Find what makes you unique. Feel into it, express it. Care less about how you are viewed and more about whether you enjoy how you live. Start from the inside and work your way out, you’ll find that the world aligns with your desire to be seen and loved.

Why is Venus activated by this Full Moon? Venus is coming out of Rx on September 3rd. The moon emphasizes this within us.

Mars :: Mars entered tropical Libra. Now, to be honest, Mars doesn’t really need the moon to be activated. Mars is activation. However, the lunation brings those activations into our personal awareness. We may notice some emotions surrounding the new Martian eta (Mars in Libra 8/27-10/12). Mars is bringing imbalanced energies to the surface. These energies are within our relationships to others. Holding too much resentment, anger, desire, hatred, or expectation towards another is unbalanced and interferes with our ability to work together and have healthy relationships. The moon is exposing these internal power struggles so that we can bring them to the surface and work them out. Remember that this is about YOU, not them. Say your prayers, do your breathing exercises, remind yourself that you are renewed in every moment, and others were only doing their best.

Why is Mars activated by this Full Moon? Mars changed signs into Libra on August 27th.

Jupiter :: Jupiter is stationing retrograde 9/4 and is essentially still. Jupiter has been whizzing through Taurus up to the point at stops just halfway through @15°. Jupiter has one final retrograde before having a unique connection with Uranus in April of 2024 (The last time these two planets came together was 2010). For now, Jupiter has some work to do in helping us figure out ‘what the heck is going on’. Where is the money? Where are the resources? Is anything of quality anymore? Or is it just mass produced for easy sale? What is the value of my being? How do I own and enjoy that? These questions may have us feeling some deeply held stuff. Just hold on tight and feel through them. Overindulging won’t solve anything, although it may distract you from your feelings for a while.

Why is Jupiter activated by this Full Moon? Jupiter is turning Rx on September 4th.

Mercury :: Mercury is in the depths of retrograde in Virgo. Isn’t there a lot to think about? Isn’t there a lot to chat about? Sometimes we end up communicating things we wish wouldn’t have said or done. Watch your boundaries when speaking. If someone didn’t say it to you, just assume it didn’t happen. Leave room for people to communicate directly as opposed to trying to figure out what they want or need. Let them come to you. In order to do this, you may have to wait or even worse… put down your defenses (GASP!). Things take time to come out. Even after they are said, they may still not make any sense to another. Do it for you, with love for everyone. Trust that things will find balance.

Why is Mercury activated by this Full Moon? Mercury went Rx in Virgo during the waxing phase of this Full Moon.

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