Planetary Energies Emphasized :: August 28th-September 5th

Planetary energies currently emphasized –> This will change things

This is a generalized forecast for August 28th – September 5th

1. Uranus – stations retrograde 8/28
2. Mercury – in the depths of retrograde in Virgo
3. Venus – retrograde until 9/3 when it will station direct
4. Saturn – fresh off of solar opposition, within orb of Full Moon 8/30
5. Jupiter – stationing Rx 9/3
Honorable Mention :: Mars in Libra as of 8/27

The Sun is always emphasized and the Moon every two weeks. With the waxing of the moon towards its fullest expression, the energies listed below will reach a crescendo Wednesday 8/30 and should slowly break by the 4th. Whatever is created or comes up during this period, however, will require it’s due time to process.

Themes for the Week(ish)

Changeability :: Irritability :: Boundaries :: Restrictions :: Desire to Break Free :: Hounded by Responsibility :: Exaggerated Emotional Waves :: Doubt :: Reconsidering :: Past Returning :: Enemies Surfacing :: Uncomfortable Emotions Asking for Attention :: Suppressed Thought Resurfacing :: Needing a Break :: Anxiety :: Escapism

…Positive aspects of this time…

Finding peace and understanding of long standing frustrations
Moving on
Fighting for yourself, inner child love
Cleansing your circles
Inspiration towards change and newness
Learning about your patterns
Learning to be consistent
Spontaneous adventures (especially after Full Moon)
Finalizing details that may have been put off
See what is possible

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