Mars in Libra :: August 27th – October 13th

If you feel that you have left some things unsaid, they may begin to eat at you. That is okay, but how we manage those feelings is vitally important. Some things are past their due date, while others have been waiting for this time. The balance that we seek is one that fosters harmony long term. There may be a reason why things happened the way that they did, and now is the time that we beging to figure it out. Even though mars is ocnsidered to be at it’s detriment in Libra, there are benefits to this. Mars isn’t always the freindliest energy, and can be ruthless. Eye for an eye, tit for tat, and crude in it’s movements towards it’s goals. So as Mars experiences its detriment, be sure to accentuate your peaceful and loving expression of what you need. At the same time, ensure that you don’t blame someone else for your own missteps. Karma doesn’t doesn’t care who you are. If you’ve created a ripple, the wave comes back. Receive and love yourself, you are an expression of God. Flawed in your perfection, enjoy being alive.

Sometimes we do things and later we say… ‘Sh$t, I wish I had done it differently!’
We can’t change the past, but we certainly can learn from it and not repeat the same mistakes in the future. In situations that led to you ‘losing out’ and others ‘winning’, take a moment to consider that we are all one big family.

If you love someone, if you love yourself, set them free. Allow things to fall where they may, take a long look and a deep breath, then begin to make a plan for a more balanced outcome next time.

Mars in Libra (8/27-10/13)

Mars will have aspected the three trans personal planets in their exact order (Uranus, Neptune, then Pluto) prior to moving into a sign (Libra). In Libra, it really is much easier to consider doing things than it is to take decisive action. This can have a positive effect… there will be new bridges built. Communication with each other will be key. There will be more restraint, assisting us in being responsive instead of reactive.

Before and during Mars in Libra (8/27-10/13) It is important that we express our energy as opposed to holding it in. If held in, we can foment and become bitter. Trust that what you have to say is valuable and meaningful. When expressed with honesty and tact, we are giving other people the opportunity to work with our wholeness.

The shadow of this transit of Mars in Libra… resentment and passive aggression. If we have spent months or years (think the last two years) being ‘less than honest’ with others, our true feelings may be a bit unbearable to hold in any longer. Like a container that is full and fermenting, we need to off gas. It is a noble act to attempt to create happiness and harmony around you, but don’t forget that from chaos comes clarity, and sometimes we just need to argue to let off steam.

If, on the other hand, we have been rabble rousing and creating drama, this time could be a serving of humble pie. Balance is key in all things. If you like starting little fires and being an instigator, take a big step back during this time and focus on yourself.

Communicate Your Needs

Keeping feelings and thoughts to ourselves for too long creates a mental and emotional battle. If this becomes a pattern within a connection, a war could break out. The most kind, empathic, and loving of humans fall victim to the pattern of people pleasing. I warn you of this, as over time ‘people pleasing’ will only serve to degrade the foundation of your most meaningful connections. The foundation of these relationships is honesty and authenticity. Without these, nothing meaningful will last.

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