Retrograde Report 2022

***All points Tropical Zodiac*** April 29th (Pluto Rx) - May 10th Planets Rx :: Pluto As of April 29th, Pluto will enter its retrograde.Spanning 28°35’ back to 26°.Forward motion beginning October 8th.Pre-shadow January 6th January 29th 2023. May 10th (Mercury Rx) - June 3rd Planets Rx :: Pluto and Mercury As of May 10th, … Continue reading Retrograde Report 2022

Astro Forecast // Monday September 25th

Discipline / Sensitivity / Patience / Appropriate Self Expression Mercury square Saturn Typified by a restrictive feeling mentally, this aspect can lead to arguments.  On the other hand, it is not uncommon for this combination to build bridges or lay the foundation for future connections.  The key to mastering this aspect is to stay calm, … Continue reading Astro Forecast // Monday September 25th