Astro Forecast // Monday September 25th

Discipline / Sensitivity / Patience / Appropriate Self Expression

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Mercury square Saturn

Typified by a restrictive feeling mentally, this aspect can lead to arguments.  On the other hand, it is not uncommon for this combination to build bridges or lay the foundation for future connections.  The key to mastering this aspect is to stay calm, don’t take things personally, and watch your words.  Focus on listening to another, especially their emotional needs.  A lot can get done around communication, but it won’t be flashy or immediately rewarding.  The headache won’t last long, mercury moves quick.

Mars oppose Neptune

This aspect builds throughout the next few days, be very careful in all that you do.  Your ambitions and aggressiveness can lead to danger physically.  If you aren’t being honest, time to flip the switch to vulnerability, or you may be found out and that won’t feel good.  If you are experiencing fighting in your contacts, give the next few days to let things cool off, it is not the time to write an angry email or express your displeasure with someone, it will be far too harsh.  Instead, focus your frustrated energies on creative pursuits such as music, art, and creative writing.

Jupiter oppose Uranus (Until September 27th)

This aspect was the motivation for a special I am running on readings (Clarity Sessions).  The combination of these two inspired and impactful planets can have your head spinning.  With the expansion of Jupiter hitting the uncontrollable awareness of Uranus, things are ready to unfold that have been trapped (picture those coiled up gag snakes popping out of a can… and you thought they were cashews!).  Once everything is out on the table, we can work with it, but for now, do everything you can to create some personal and loving space for yourself.  When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, don’t be too proud (Uranus) to admit it.  When you feel down and notice what is happening, don’t try to manipulate your feelings with positive thoughts (Jupiter).  Find the middle ground, you are being raised to a higher vibration.

Moon in Sagittarius

With Jupiter coming into exact aspect with Uranus, this moon is likely to be a lively one.  Throughout the day, try to observe your emotions more than react to them.  This, at times, may feel impossible, but here is the key.  Find what inspires you and DO IT!  Allow no one to stand in the way of you exploring that which makes you passionate.  If it is making waffles, do that.  If it is playing music, do that.  Be careful of seeking the attention of others today, as it will likely fall flat.  However, if you give others space to be independent and expressed, they may just inspire you through acts of extreme love and charity.

Xx Put yourself first and realize you are part of everything xX




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