Ode to the Virgo New Moon // 9-19-17

virgo moon expresses emotions with words and thoughts, activating the further and deeper expression of repressed and sleeping patterns. The habits of the deep and uninhabited place become flooded with uniquely pointed awareness during the new moon in Virgo.

Love is abstract / at best we lie / in bed / to ourselves / just a bit / of time to / display ourselves / it’s all too much / it’s all too rushed

back to the moment / of waiting and lying / in bed / to ourselves / what one / can see / oh dearest one / a break from / the madness / when all is / dark / where do we go / to find lightness

rise / up from / lying / in bed / to ourselves / bring that awareness / just an octave higher / dumbing down the downward / spiral upward / elevate the hate / with words and thoughts / of peace and guidance / dancing across your radar screen

survive and move onward / rise above the bleak anxiety / choose


Revive the upward Spiral


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