Falling Apart and Coming Together

In order for things to come together, they also have to fall apart.

The glue that makes reality appear cohesive is actually an agreed upon illusion. We may find, at times, that it is far easier to believe a fantasy than to accept the level of ‘unknown’ that we face as humans living on Earth.

Not a single piece of your life is guaranteed.

This is certainly something on which to meditate. With enough patience and observation, one may see the beauty, uniqueness, and fortune in every moment.

As we learn and grow as a human family, many things are beginning to come together. On both a personal and collective level, we are seeing the experience of life from a new light. As the contours of this emerging world begin to show themselves, the old paradigm shows it’s inherent flaws.

Like eyes adjusting from night to day, we may find ourselves squinting to receive the brilliance.

As this new day dawns, we emerge from the past. With every passing moment, this newness becomes the ‘now’ness.

Our brain is designed to have strong memory. As humans, we benefit from regularity and patterning. Daily habits are the foundation of our lives. Familiar people, places, and experiences create a sense of security. We attach ourselves to these things.

As we move forward and see what is possible, the old patterns and habits can’t come with us. Often, this can look like a job, a relationship, a home, a career, or a hobby that just no longer fits into our lives. All things have an expiration date, even our own bodies. There are lofty yet ridiculous expectations built into our society. It’s nice to believe that a relationship would die when our bodies expire. ‘Til death do us part’… However it is a mathematical improbability to say the least.

Our vibrational alignment with another person is not under the same cosmic jurisdiction as the end of our physical life as we know it. Life is about experiences. Richness in depth and variety. Often we find ourselves ending things much earlier than our ‘expectations’ but also having a deep knowing that ‘it is exactly the time’.

Know that whatever the loss, the gain is just as beautiful.
Know that for all which transitions, a new creation comes to find you.
Know that for every piece you release, a fitting compliment seeks your company.

The period between the loss and the newness can be just awful to experience. A fate worse than death, to live in the grief of mourning. My heart is with you.

As a piece of you has entered the transition phase, you may find yourself seeking to enter that space as well. I have found myself questioning my role here, whether I need to exist, during times of heavy grief.

Over the years and many bouts with these feelings, I have come to realize that, this too, is part of LIVING. Within the desire to die and leave this space, I have found the deepest gratitude for and will to live.

Feelings are tricky, I totally get that. This is why, you may notice, I often recommend patience and awareness as opposed to reaction.

Whether high tide or low tide, don’t build your home on shifting sands.

Retrogrades of Change

For the majority of the last twelve months, we have been experiencing the two most uncommon and impactful retrogrades. Venus and Mars don’t retrograde often, each less than 10% of the time. From September to March of 2022-2023, Mars found itself traversing Gemini. From early June until early October 2023, Venus finds itself traversing Leo.

As these are the most rare of the Rx periods, they are the most impactful. The moment we started seeing a break from everything (including the end of the Saturn Uranus Square and Pluto exiting Capricorn), it all started coming back for review.

While this is not the final test of our lifetimes, we are being asked to take the short view. The very personal transformations caused by Venus and Mars have us shifting at our core. Integrating and capitalizing on these changes requires us to get very real with ourselves. These two planets rule the way in which we ‘go for’ and ‘desire’ things.

Basically, you can’t bypass this stuff with prayer and meditation. That will always help, but in the end, ya gotta do something different. This past year has shown us what needs to change for us to be more fulfilled and in alignment.

Mercury Retrograde

For the next 8-10 days (September 10th-20th), we have the chance to use Mercury as our greatest helper.

Before you do anything else, rid yourself of the idea that Mercury Retrograde is a ‘problem’.
If you believe that, you have either… 1. Been sold a lie. or 2. Convinced yourself of this. We all know how easy it is to be a victim. Creating a scapegoat is as easy closing our eyes and pointing a finger.

The opposite is actually the case. Without the retrograde patterns of the planets, we would have a very difficult time keeping up with our own processes. Growth requires insight and know how. If we can’t see the impacts of what we’ve done, how are we ever to make the changes necessary to become a different expression of ourselves?

Mercury will station direct on the 15th, but will then explore its post shadow for the following 3 weeks. I urge you to use this time to gain clarity. The shifts that have gone under the surface during the Venus retrograde are still showing themselves. Many projects or initiatives may have begun in the last few months but we must see them through to either cancellation or implementation.

Don’t be afraid to say ‘Nope, I am not going to do that!’
Or ‘I am going to do this, regardless of what others think!’
Basically, don’t go half hearted, either cut the weight or invest with all your heart (or whatever amount of you there is to invest).

This is a time when you can get a deeper understanding of why you do things. Instead of shooting the messenger, meditate on why the messenger was sent in the first place.

Collective Emergence and Big Lessons

As we emerge collectively from this time of deep personal transformation, it is not likely to be easeful. Billions of people, fresh off of a psycho-spiritual deep dive, don’t always see third eye to third eye.

As we rise from our unconscious, like Persephone from the underworld, we may find that our projections and previously hidden emotions produce a frightful landscape.

On a personal level, we can do the work of owning as much as we can. Knowing that every person we confront is a teacher and a messenger. That, throughout human history, separating in to tribes and clans has helped us to deny our true selves. This pattern is slowly coming to an end.

What you see on the news or in the media at large is a symbol of what we are trying to outgrow. Knowing this, imagine investing in the narratives displayed on these platforms!?

When we see other as ‘separate’, we grow distrustful and suspicious.
When we see other as ‘self’, we grow empathetic and helpful.

The choice is very simple, but of course not easy.

All that I can tell you is that you will be lied to. The lie, however, is not malicious. It is simply one option being presented to you. The best option, in my humble opinion, is to readily witness your inner experience and reference THAT PLACE for answers and direction.

Keep yourself clear and practice paying attention to your inner state. Get to know what it is like to be angry, sad, hurt, excited, anxious, depressed, joyous, blissful…

For it is through the exploration of your inner kingdom that you shall map the universe.

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