The Deepest Release… Honor one Another

There has been a tremendous amount of energy released in the last week of time. Mars is the perfect catalyst for the release of deeply held and pent up energy. Pluto is the ideal repository for the shadow, which Mars brought to the surface in square.

The state of affairs that we are facing individually and collectively is no mistake. This isn’t anything ‘new’. It may seem new and fresh, but that is only because the Plutonian depths are both denied and suppressed. The lingering tone of violence is a symptom and a symbol of the simmering rage that has existed for years if not generations.

In such a time, solutions and dialogue may seem impossible. Just as when we ignore our bodies calls, we end up sick and in bed before too long. We can’t just go back in time and listen to the whispers, now they are screams.

As sensitive, loving beings, when we witness atrocities, we feel pain. We may feel sick or confused. Each person has a different response to these feelings. Some of us don’t have the capacity to even look. While others may take a stand for one important facet of the unfolding.

It is vital that we each play our unique role. Find the part of you that is most engaged in your life and share it. Be kind, leave room for others to do the same. Practice spiritual discernment. Even though you have a right to say whatever you want, have the wherewithal to see how it may effect and impact others.

When words are used as weapons, there is no safe place for therapeutic dialogue. It’s not always about what we say, but how we say it. The power of the moments in which we live are undeniable. There is no need to drive messages home or try to convince anyone of anything. We know who we are, and your opinion will never change that for another.

Practice peacemaking techniques like listening and honoring. See where others are coming from in the same way that you seek to be seen and heard.

This time is ripe for forgiveness of self and others. Grumpy is just a symptom of needing more softness and love. When the world is cranky, turn up your charm.

The magic we each hold, bestowed upon us from the ether and beyond, is to be used in these moments to uplift and honor one another. The magic in me sees the magic in you.

I love you dear ones, be kind to others and stay present with your own needs.

There is no wrong way to grieve

Anger, crying, dissociating…

We can confront or avoid the issue for as long as we desire. Of course there are advantages of taking things head on. There are also advantages to doing ‘whatever you want’ for a time and then crashing back down to Earth.

The key to remember is to LOVE what you find within yourself along the journey.

The catastrophe of loss will always be painful. No matter how many times we lose something or someone, it always hurts and breaks us down at our very core. How tragically beautiful!

As the tragic display unfolds, there will be a piece of yourself that you meet, perhaps for the very first time. Treat that guest well. Make them feel so comfortable that they never leave again. Remember that every other person is also in this healing field. So when they come to you, make them feel so comfortable that healing is a primary option.

Take whatever space and time you need, you are loved <3

If you desire to understand more and gain insight on your personal journey, book a session with James.

Stay in your light and remember what is good!

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