Preparing for the Annular Eclipse :: Being Reoriented

As a caveat to any lunation (new or full moon) we would be remiss not to discuss the weeks leading up to the event. For the previous two weeks, there has been a building energy.

Venus has left its shadow and started covering new territory. This has all of us a bit vulnerable. Following the retrograde of Venus, we are beginning to see what the internal changes mean to our personal and collective lives. It is a time where moving forward is essential but not easy. Comfort zones be damned, yet opportunity is ever present.

Pluto is moving direct again but has been stationary for the majority of this two week period. Stationary planets are more powerful. They have the ability to have laser like, unwavering focus. So Pluto is very awake, aware, and present. Intensity is easy to come by, and there may be some rumblings from our depths that are unnerving, be sure to let it pass through you.

During that time, Mars worked into and out of square to Pluto. Mars squaring Pluto (especially a stationary Pluto) will undoubtedly bring up energy from the depths of the unconscious. Situations that are no longer tenable can turn into an all out stubborn and violent engagement. It is a time of shock and horror that requires major discipline, discourse, compassion, and healthy outlets. Otherwise, the volcanic eruption can devastate existing structures. The difficulty with such a transit is that, things that happens under this influence will have a lasting effect. This requires long after the transit to recover.

In terms of spiritual growth, this is a great example of why being ‘responsive’ as opposed to ‘reactive’ is a much more empowered and healthy way to live. Reactive energy (no matter how seemingly justified) will only ever create more of the energy which is being reacted to. Violence begets violence, hatred begets hatred. In a positive lens, if I heal my wounds and forgive another, it is likely that tensions will release in them as well. Deeply held energy (as represented by Pluto) doesn’t often come out ready to forgive and forget. Especially when brought to the surface by Mars. The equivalent of having the door kicked in while trying to sleep or process something.

Mars now sits in trine to Saturn. This denotes both a stabilizing and a sobering effect. This aspect is overall uncomfortable. Coming off of a deeply troubling energy of Mars square Pluto, there are realities that are crystalizing in our hearts, minds, and bodies that perhaps we haven’t witnessed with such clarity. Healing and processing of all types hit a reality checkpoint.

This aspect doesn’t leave a lot of room for rose colored glasses but instead monochromatic landscapes with a demure beauty all their own. There is tremendous resiliency here, but can lack the positive outlook necessary to be excited about the future. Mars trine Saturn is perfect for ‘cleaning up after the party’. It is also very helpful for ‘cleaning up after an accident’, but again, some lightness is needed.

Whatever the case, while there is still lingering anger and exhaustion from the previous weeks, it’s time to clean up, rebuild, and move forward, one step at a time. Under this influence our efforts become real. Be careful what you put out into the world, unless you want it to become the bottom line for your eclipse. Find a way to see the lighter side of things, as the sobering reality comes to the foreground. Balance in all things, what needs to get done will get done.

So that all sounds really simple, right?
Well, of course not, but we are prepared for some changes.

Eclipses, in general, are a time period when something that has been obscured from our focus simply drops into our laps. Often it can feel like a bait and switch, where we think one thing is happening, buy into it, and then it suddenly shows up as something else. The new alternative, perhaps we wouldn’t have been able to see, accept, or buy into with the original bait.

Is there something in your life where you can see this? Consider the last six months…
Is/was there anything that happened that caused you to change dramatically?
Something that arrived by surprise and motivated you to shift on a grand scale?
Some event or person that forced your hand?

If you can see a situation like this, know that it helped you be exactly where you needed to be to address what is arriving right now! The pain, grief, and conflict needed to have you moving was a gift. Not an easy perspective to take, but when we can see all the good that it has brought us now, we can let go and move solidly into the now.

Take some time to plant your feet in the ground

All of this shifty changey energy can have us, well, a little ungrounded. Consider the idea of grounding the way you would with an electrical system. If there isn’t a grounding cord, the electrical system is volatile and has no way of discharging excess energy. Over time, everything burns out and needs repair.

A Practice to Bring you into the Moment

In this moment, sit with yourself in a quiet space (if you are busy right now, make a note on your phone to do this later).

Ask yourself each of these questions… feel free to write the answers or simply meditate on them. After you ask yourself each one, take a moment with eyes closed to feel what they bring up.

1. What has changed in my life in the last 6 months?
2. What have I lost during this time?
3. What have I gained during this period of time?
4. What has remained stable?
5. What is new and exciting?
6. What am I still grieving?
7. How can I honor this grief?
8. How have I shown up for myself?
9. Can I see a new life emerging?
10. What am I grateful for?
11. What do I need in this moment?

After establishing what you need, give it to yourself (or make a plan to do it soon). This could be as elaborate as a vacation or as simple as a glass of water. Maybe you need to cry or go for a walk. Whatever the case, allow this practice to be a culmination of your journey to this moment. Know that you are loved and emphasize this love by giving to yourself.

Settling in

As you find yourself, wherever you are, realize that you have been through a good amount in the last 6 months. The lessons that have been brought forward have involved some deep soul searching and difficult decisions. This new arrival of energy, as represented by the eclipse, will refresh everything. Make peace with the past and be excited for the future.

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