Annular Eclipse in Libra 10.14.2023 :: Eccentric Expression / Uncomfortable Change

What is an eclipse and why does it happen?

Annular indicating a partial eclipse in which the Moon obscures the center of the Sun but not it’s entirety. There will be a bright ring around the Sun. So technically, this is not a total eclipse, but a very specific partial eclipse. The alignment is there, but the distance of the Moon from the Earth creates this annular effect.

Eclipses occur when the Sun crosses the nodal axis. This happens two times per year. Thus, 2 eclipse seasons. The nodal axis represents the point at which the Moon crosses the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the plane that bisects the Earth and the Sun. So, when the new or full moon occurs close to the ecliptic, the Moon lines up with the Sun and Earth. Voila! Eclipse!! Either the Earth or the Moon obscuring the light of the Sun from one another!

As you can see in the chart above, the sun moon conjunction (new moon) is occurring within 4 degrees of the nodal axis in Libra. By the time the next new moon arrives in 4 weeks, the sun will have moved 29° and thus will be distant from the nodal axis, thus… no eclipse.

Okay, so now you understand the dynamics of this event, but what about the energy?

Whenever we look at a lunation, we want to consider what other planets and transits are at play at the time of the new or full moon. An eclipse should be treated just the same (with a few added caveats).

At the moment of this new moon (October 14th 2023 @ 10:55 AM Pacific Time) there are five key aspects that are developing. Let’s go through them.

Aspects around this new moon eclipse…

Mars trine Saturn – exact 10/13

Things become real as we live out the structures we have created. Have you been building love or hate? Have you been working towards something or wasting into nothingness? I’m sure there is a combination of both, but whatever and wherever we have been investing, the fruit, or lack there of, shows itself. Saturn has a way of reducing what is no longer productive or not needed, so go with the flow. If you are losing something, let it go and trust that it will come back if you really need it. work, manifestation, deepened focus, truth, sobriety, strength, persaverance

Mercury opposite Chiron – exact 10/14

This aspect can create a difficulty in receiving or communicating energy or information. There is something that first must be healed in order to create reciprocity. A spiritual mindset is needed to bring balance to the equation. The resulting lack of understanding is both a blessing and a curse as we are extra sensitive during this time. Be careful of catastrophizing and focus on being clear and concise in communication. If this isn’t possible, wait for a better time. pain, awareness, tough news, healing talks, beautiful sounds, trancendent messages, meditation, out of body experiences

Moon quincunx Uranus – exact 10/14

This aspect offers excitement at the cost of comfort. It can be hard to sit still and you may be noticing so much that things can’t settle down. There is certainly fun to be had but things can swing quickly from one extreme to another. The key for this aspect is to remain as calm as possible while still allowing yourself to go outside of your comfort zone. If you have a craving or desire, find a conscientious way to fulfill it. annoyances, anxiety, energy, making adjustments, noticing details, confusion, need to move and be active

Moon quincunx Neptune – exact 10/14

Find your balance between reality and the dreamworld. This aspect can cause us to take things too far. Neptune thins the veil as our intuitive lunar selves dive into such an illusory state. Substance use must be kept under control. Extremes are designed to be boundary points, not goal posts. If we fast or we binge, neither is sustainable long term. To find balance, find the middle ground. If you feel that you are overreacting, you probably are, go for a walk outside. Don’t assume the worst, look for actual evidence before making decisions. dreamy, off center, bliss state, delusion, hearing voices, altered states

Sun quincunx Uranus – exact 10/15

Uncontrollable electrical energy pulses through your body. What do you do with this? Resisting the expression or trying to be disciplined can just exacerbate the situation. Long standing frustrations can reach a breaking point. Remember that this energy doesn’t last long, but when it does come, it asks for something to change. Try to do something fun or different for the day, instead of destroying existing paradigms to feel free. Let your freak flag fly. Encourage others to be their eccentric selves through doing exactly that. If you can’t find an outlet for your energy, you may find yourself with mysterious symptoms and building frustration. This is a fantastic day to go on an adventure. excitement, anxiety, electric energy, insights, eccentricity, volatility, fun, adventure

Not an aspect but honorable mention

Pluto stationing direct – exact 10/11

Stationary planets are more powerful. They have the ability to have laser like, unwavering focus. So Pluto is very awake, aware, and present. Intensity is easy to come by, and there may be some rumblings from our depths that are unnerving, be sure to let it pass through you. intensity, focus, threat, fear, power, subconscious, death, transformation

Putting everything together

The amount of energy traveling through your body heart and mind may create some tension. The key is to avoid conflict and do whatever it is that pleases you. Don’t conform, don’t listen to fear, and choose to do what you love. If not forever, then at least for the weekend. Avoid consumption of drugs and alcohol, you aren’t going to need it. If you do have them, take caution with amounts and setting. Remember that everyone is going through an intense time, use ti to connect with people. Reserve your judgements, allow them to inform your self loving transformation. Get out and see the sun.

Eclipse Channel

A Message from the Ether

Wherever you found yourself months ago, that has already shifted. Something within you called out to the universe. Too scared to make the changes, they somehow found you without warning. The project, however, is not yet over. In fact, we watch you writhe and we pray for your peace. The grandeur of the cosmic design won’t ever be truly understood. For to be in the physical body on Earth, is to forget most of the plan. To innocently and not so eloquently smash against the bodies and wills of others. As they do the same, they meet pieces of themselves long forgotten. You hold your heart so dear, but it must break time and time again. Whether through loss or excitement, we wish you all the best. The best is always yet to come, for in every moment, you are meeting a new piece fo yourself. You are becoming closer and closer to the full grand design. To be expressed as such, would free you from the human condition. You’ve chosen this, do you remember? As the eclipse gates open, we are there waiting to honor your current state of being. Awestruck by the emotional intensity of your world, we learn and wait for you to return to the shared cosmic consciousness. As each of you toil in time, we sit beyond that dimension. The torture of the ticking clock is a boundary to assist in learning your specific lessons. One by one, each of you check off experiences. Stronger and also exhausted from the journey. It will end when you choose. You will have opportunities to recover yourself, to decide to do something different. If you want them, go for them. If not, then just back away and sink into your physical experience. Live it for all that it is worth, for there is no limit to the beauty one can see, if one only chooses to do so.

Xx Love is infinite, but so is free will. Choose wisely xX

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