Annular Eclipse in Libra 10.14.2023 :: Eccentric Expression / Uncomfortable Change

What is an eclipse and why does it happen? Annular indicating a partial eclipse in which the Moon obscures the center of the Sun but not it's entirety. There will be a bright ring around the Sun. So technically, this is not a total eclipse, but a very specific partial eclipse. The alignment is there, … Continue reading Annular Eclipse in Libra 10.14.2023 :: Eccentric Expression / Uncomfortable Change

A Letter to Previous Generations

There has been such a shift in consciousness over the past few generationsthat we now have people living that fought in wars when war was the what humanity still needed to learn its lessons.Now you have children being born that refuse to differentiate between different races. Our country was built on racism, sexism, cultism, and … Continue reading A Letter to Previous Generations

The Inception of Evil

Evil is quite a powerful word to throw around. In fact, it is very likely that each person reading will have a different idea or concept of what evil may mean. Horror films, fleeting thoughts in moments of anger, or actions taken by a manipulative partner... all of these things are wrapped up in the … Continue reading The Inception of Evil

The Undercurrent

Something is transferred every time you communicate, and it is not always represented by words or even body movements. It's also not about currency exchange or any material object changing hands.    It's a subtle undertone that we carry within us. Each of us has some belief about what we are supposed to get out … Continue reading The Undercurrent