A Letter to Previous Generations

There has been such a shift in consciousness over the past few generations
that we now have people living that fought in wars when war was the what humanity still needed to learn its lessons.
Now you have children being born that refuse to differentiate between different races.

Our country was built on racism, sexism, cultism, and stubbornness.
Who crosses an ocean in a boat and watches their own people die, just to barely survive and then destroy another race? People that seem to have found peace with the land?

It WAS right to them, and who are we to judge the actions of the past? I am just glad that we no longer have to commit genocide to forward our ideologies.

I have been told that it was written in the prophecies of native cultures, they knew they were to give the land to a new group.
I imagine they did not expect to be enslaved and raped, but, alas, this is how it happened.

There are many adults in this world that served in wars
How can you tell them that war is wrong?
How can you invalidate a practice that they truly believe IS and WAS right, perhaps it is the greatest accomplishment of their life to have served and survived.
Perhaps they watched dozens if not hundred of their friends die for what they believe to be FREEDOM?

To me it seems to be a plan laid out long ago to systematically control the populous, just another TABOO area.
What you don’t support the troops????
I don’t support war, I don’t support shitting on humanity with explosives, I do not condone terrorist attacks, regardless of who planned and executed them. I do not condone the new version of colonialism where our country continues to seek out resources and is willing to MURDER hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East in the name of FREEDOM.

I am angry, yes, I feel the pangs of humanity as a whole, as I sit here comfortably in a chair, my biggest problem that I can’t seem to find a calm state of mind without a very specific diet and consistent meditation. Your chaotic world is teaching us to be mindful.

I digress, and I am so glad that I grew up in a family that was both racist and feared going against the status quo, it has been my greatest teacher.
I understand why we seek to destroy, I have felt the deep FEAR of the OTHER, of the ENEMY.
I am sure they are in your family too, the VETERAN of FOREIGN WAR, who will tell you about the “insert racist slur here” that they had to slay in order to preserve your FREEDOM.

To that end I will happily remind them that I did not ask for anything, and I respect their life force that they gave to a cause that they believed in, GOOD WORK. Please realize and respect that I am doing the same with my words and actions on creating lasting peace.

YOU were willing to give up your life for FREEDOM
I am willing to give up my life for PEACE
This does not mean I will not FIGHT if someone comes to my doorstep with ill intentions, quite the contrary, I will channel this anger and frustration and stop them by force or by weapon if necessary.
What this means is, I will choose my battles, and I will develop COMMUNITY consciously, with a loving open heart.
I will not be herded to a foreign land to KILL my brothers and sisters
I will NEVER again be coerced into believing GOD is some sort of man on a cloud that doesn’t want me expressing my deepest truths
I won’t be a sheep.

Please understand, those of a different generation, and I know at least some of you are reading and listening…
(and i truly applaud your ability to keep up with technology and the times, it can’t be easy, even I am getting lost in the technology these days)
WE don’t see the world the way that you do
WE don’t see reality the way that you do
WE don’t believe things we are told, and we don’t listen to them
Some of us choose to be completely oblivious to the news and live intentionally in small communities that support sustainable systems on the EARTH.

We mean no disrespect to your SERVICE.
We simply would like you to stop polluting what will soon be OUR EARTH and soon be our CHILDRENS EARTH with your HATE and RACISM.

WAR is unsustainable not because it kills people, but because it degrades our SOUL, our worldwide community.
It is SIMPLY wrong. Age is no longer a symbol of WISDOM.
It may be, in fact a SYMBOL of an old engrained system of thought that reduces the chances of the HUMAN RACE SURVIVING on planet Earth.

We come from different places
But we inhabit the same land
striking a common ground on issues is a challenge, YES
but no one seeks to be separate from their human family

My prayer is that we can meet halfway with those of the WARRING GENERATION
The world will never again support WAR the way it once did
we are too wise and in touch to be SHEEP.
We may seem ungrateful, and perhaps we are, perhaps we see absolutely nothing to be grateful for.
Would you like me to thank you for MURDER? Because this is how we see all wars…

Maybe it’s best if we both keep our mouths shut on these topics, wouldn’t that be nice?
However, it seems that the current state of the world and our Country is to have this discussion, the new civil war is actually quite civil, it is occurring on social media…
Let’s meet at the Mason-Dixon
We will have tea, some of it Sweet Tea, some of it Organic Kombucha (yes for you seen as confederates in this metaphor, that’s the stuff that smells like vinegar and has stuff “floatin in it”)
We can share our viewpoints without judgement and violence, hate and disrespect
I, for one, love love love a good discussion
and honestly, one sided talks about the world are boring as all hell, so thank you for your SERVICE, in holding down the opposing viewpoint.

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