The Materials are Changing

I spent many years as a preschool teacher. Immersed in sensory experiences, the kids would create and destroy, build and topple. It was like clockwork. “Look, I did this” followed by “Watch me break it down”.

Much like these children, the patterns of humanity are fairly simple and in fact similar. Watch us build this, watch us tear it down. Whatever it is, a church, a building, a technology, a relationship. The only thing that changes is the material with which we are working.

If we have a gun, we will shoot or protect something. If we have paint, we will paint something. If we have doubt, we will face it or we will project.

However… what if the base material were to change? What if you no longer had the same prerequisites of deep fear of God? What if you no longer carried an obligatory faith in the words of leaders? What if you just simply didn’t care about “fitting in” of “keeping up with the Jones”?

Are you catching my drift? The world is no longer made of the same materials. Just as lithium will soon become the new crude oil, so too is consciousness replacing the old paradigm of emotional fear and manipulation.

For thousands of years, congregations of religious folk came together to stand in both awe and fear of a great God in the sky. Now, in seemingly the blink of an eye, no one really cares about that dogmatic and sad story.

The children born today are often indoctrinated into cults like Christianity and the like. Only to find in their twenties or thirties that they have been coerced through fear, through threat, through brainwash, to be just like the other fearful beings in the churches.

WE WALK AWAY, literally, and metaphorically from the paradigm of patriarchal injustice. Cognitive dissonance and blind obedience is a symptom of a beaten and scorned animal. We no longer wear these wounds, for we see beyond the veil, we come from beyond the veil.

Your oral and written histories are bludgeoned by lies and exaggerations, we see no use in them. Better the mythologies of ancient Rome and Greece than the babbling nonsense of the textbooks and ‘edited for mass consumption holy books’.

Astrologer’s write diatribes on the transiting planets and their meaning for the future of humanity. Studying at no end the patterns prior to now. What use is it? To know what happened 84 years ago? When the world is an entirely different place? What history are you actually reading? Who wrote it? How to interpret it?

I don’t mean to trash the whole science of studying the past, but I would say that there is far too much importance placed on previous happenings.

We are here and now, and the more present we become, the better we can adapt to the hyperspeed of both technology and human evolution. Regardless of the attempts by those who have ‘won the social lottery’ and done well during the last 50 years. Shit will not stay the same.

Capitalism, or whatever this country has been doing, is coming to an end. With it, the entire structure of the country must be rethought. These changes could not come a moment too soon. Elected officials create policy that becomes the law of the land. They are highly influenced by corporate voices, corporations which only exist because of the existing and failing economic structure.

There has been nothing ‘free’ about this market. It has been, since the dawn of the country, a way of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Fear makes sense when your country was built on genocide and slavery. Better enact a few measures to ensure no one remembers and wants to repay us for what we’ve done.

The new generation is here to rebuild things, to own their power. To choose governance via discussion and compromise, as opposed to coercion and fear mongering.

It turns out the Christ is returning. Flipping over the tax collectors tables. Hanging out with those considered unclean and unworthy. Feeding people the nutrition they need which is love and understanding. Basic human decency is being restored, one free thinking being at a time.

The media is an illusion, so treat is as such. A bunch of gasbags looking to become the next ‘great gasbag’ in a line of ‘less than great gasbags’.

Humanity is being purged of all it’s sicknesses, one at a time. Keep up the good work, renew yourself daily. Love your neighbor and treat strangers with respect. Remember that setting boundaries is the ultimate form of self love in a relationship, whether with a person, a job, an animal, or even with food.

Set your standards, live your standards <3

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