Lighten your Load

The world will undoubtedly continue to send us serious situations. Often we find ourselves mired in the

‘HOW we will escape?’

‘WHY is this happening?’

‘WHAT is next?’

‘WHO is to blame?’

‘WHEN will this end?’

The truth is, you are gonna figure it all out. You are going to eventually remember the time when you were SO stressed out about just EVERYTHING! Ideally, you’ll think back on those times and just say “Life is a trip.” and perhaps even glean some perspective.

In fact, why don’t you take a moment right now to remember an example like this. I am certain that we all have numerous ones. Go ahead, just close your eyes and picture something that used to be so damn trying, and now seems to flow with ease….


So again, tough times come, tough times pass, sometimes they overlap, sometimes there is a gap. What gets you through them?

In my experience, it is the willingness to KEEP GOING. I’ve worked a lot of difficult and tiring jobs in my life. I’ve hiked innumerable hikes that were way more than I thought I could handle. Hungry, tired, confused, angry, I just kept going. There is always an endpoint, whether it is clock out time or it is the campsite.


So we are always aligned with the path, trudging along with our methodical or sometimes sporadic movements. In truth the only thing that can keep us mired in challenge is to take zero steps. I repeat, the only thing that can keep you mired in challenge is to take zero steps.

So now you know to keep going, right? You know that you are loved beyond comprehension, right? Well now that is squared away, let’s lighten the load along the journey.


The tides roll in and out and we dance with our struggles and victories. We are gonna keep moving, that is our faith in action.

Can we remove the stigma from TOUGH times? Can we possibly see them all as DIVINE? Well, of course we CAN, but tell that to someone whose friend has cancer or whose pet is dying, it can really blow sometimes.

I’m not saying that everything is great just because you look at it differently. What I am saying is that it can all improve, because you ARE in the driver’s seat at all times. You don’t get to pave the road, you don’t get to decide the weather, but you do get to choose the music, who travels with you, and what you want to focus on.


What does play mean to you? What were your go to activities as a child? What excites you when it is on your schedule? Is there some music that makes you feel so alive that you almost burst out of your skin?

Create time within the day to cherish the fact that YOU ARE ALIVE! Indulge your senses with sound, color, touch, smell, and taste.

Do you color? Do you dance? Do you listen to comedy? Do you ever just throw rocks into water (my go to as a kid)?

Can you sidestep the voice that reminds you to DO DO DO and choose to BE BE BE? Because, if you can, your load will lighten. You are allowing nature to take it’s course. You are making yourself stronger by embodying a part of yourself that may get forgotten in all of the ADULTING and DRUDGERY.

Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back.

It is always okay to make it up as you go along. Your load is our load, and the lightness you bring effects us all.


Dioptase is a form of copper that is incredibly powerful. Envision this stone connecting to your HEART and THIRD EYE chakras.


“I am here to bring the subtle and playful energies of nature. Divine forgiveness is one breath away at any time. We ask that you lower your defense mechanisms for just a moment and allow us to show you the wonderment of what you are. Your body is a mechanism unlike any other. The magical work behind the scenes is also within the scenes. It is the fiber of the unending moment. Call to us anytime, we will be there to say hello.”

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