The Undercurrent

Something is transferred every time you communicate, and it is not always represented by words or even body movements. It’s also not about currency exchange or any material object changing hands. 
It’s a subtle undertone that we carry within us. Each of us has some belief about what we are supposed to get out of each experience. When I talk to a stranger at a convenience store, my internal script is much different than when entering a dinner at my in-laws home.
Regardless of how much work you do to keep yourself clear, it is an essential and loving mechanism to have these predetermined ideas. We are physical beings confronting a new age in information and technology and our brains prepare us for every possible situation that they can. We can do our part by getting to know ourselves and our sense of the universe in a more thorough and loving fashion. In the end, we still have this energy that we communicate with others.
I am finding Jupiter in Scorpio enlivening my ability to read these lines of communication. Most of them are inert, unless you are highly empathic and sensitive. But these are the same communication lines that are used to manipulate people into buying crap, into trusting charlatans, and being worked up over falsified or unproven stories in the media.
Through learning to understand how you communicate and receive energy from others on this deep level, you are protecting yourself from the more harmful and dubious attacks that others may portray on your person.
Take the time to own what you share with others. It may involve uncovering some ugly belief systems, but if you want to grow some deep roots and healthy organic energy up to the sky, you’ll have to till the soil and purify the ground water at some point.


It is high time that humanity enters the new era of thinking and being.  No longer can we blindly pledge a flag or honor the will of a single out of touch leader.  Regardless of their validity, we have no reason to buy in to stories shown in the form of a picture show being pumped into our homes through television.  Back down from your political stance and turn that high flying energy into a dedication to self discovery.  How many more years can you spend worrying about taxes, health care referendums, and party politics.  Your energy and resources will be much better spent within the domicile that is your energy field, your mind, your body, your heart.  Long gone are the days where we sat in fear of a ‘cold war’.  Long gone are the days where the world could be simplified into racial epithets and demeaning stereotypes portrayed in movies, television, and cartoons alike.  No, we are a new people, a people dedicated to something entirely new.  We must now be dedicated to the vision of the future that will suit the highest good of humanity.  We come from different places, bloodlines, and personal traumas.  We have long forgotten where we began but that does not mean we should forget where we stand right at this moment.  The human race is failing at one major point, and it is in being responsible for our actions, thoughts, feelings, impressions, worries, intentions, etc.  We have been told that it is the fault of someone else.  YOU, right at this moment, can take holy responsibility for the anger, rage, and resentment that you feel towards that ‘someone’.  As a country, America could stop is constant public masturbation of a flaccid phallus and begin looking at the way in which our country was founded, on slavery and genocide.  Being responsible has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is within each and every person on an individual level, regardless of your social status, gender, or race.  So instead of holding your hand to your heart to honor a flag built on the murder, pillaging, and poisoning of sacred peoples and land, consider holding your hand to your heart and pledging allegiance to being responsible for yourself, and owning your BEingness with every breath you take.


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