Saturn Trine Uranus // 11.11.17

Were you born between October 1987 and the start of 1989?

During the years of 1987-1988, Saturn and Uranus traveled together through the stars in late degrees of Sag and early degrees of Capricorn. This combination leads to an intense power to see the balance of authority and revolution. Depending on the emphasis of either planet within the chart, things can go wildly in either direction. You may experience a resistance to change (Saturn) or you may be the one kicking down the doors of convention (Uranus).
This week in Astrology 11.6-11.13 will be typified socially by the trine between Saturn in Sag and Uranus in Aries. The peak of personal transformation may be felt individually on Friday and Saturday as the moon in Leo creates a Grand Trine in fire between the three. As the upcoming weekend unfolds, the moon in virgo will give us the discernment to take a look at what just happened and perhaps even do some unpacking and reorganizing.
Friday Evening into Saturday 3 AM Eastern Midnight Pacific


With Saturn moving in a forward direction and Uranus in retrograde, we may see a time where convention and the status quo win out. However, this could be flipped on it’s head by unexpected events causing these exact Saturnian conventional folks to rethink their stance on many movements and causes.
Issues involving government policy and unconventional leaders will likely take center stage. What do you see coming? Are their pertinent issues that seem antiquated in our society? Are we still living by codes written decades or even centuries ago? These issues will come front and center, and public opinion will not be hard to find.

How can you prepare/adapt?

The key here is to remain detached from the experience while still expressing your viewpoint.  Saturn will be heard and is not afraid to slow down proceedings.  Uranus as well is not afraid to disrupt society but can lack the awareness of their impact.  During this time, it is important to seek the highest qualities of both as this necessary change takes place in our society.

Saturn trine Uranus and Social Change


As I write this article, I am saddened but in no way shocked by the church shooting in Texas.  If you do not know details, no need to explore them.  I cannot help but see the alignment between Saturn in Sag (conservatism, religion) and Uranus in Aries (sudden changes coming in with a bang).  Uranus in Aries has been tough for everyone, as the changes which Uranus heralds in are often difficult to assimilate, the backdrop of Aries often involves an initial smack in the face and then we are left to clean things up and reassemble.  For now, this seems to be the issue that the United States will have to face as awoken by this transit.
As I hope you can see, astrology does not create issues, it simply awakens them into the consciousness so that we can assess, discuss, and do something about them on both a personal and social level.
Saturn interacting with Uranus can bring about changes (Uranus) in convention (Saturn).  Saturn is never a free flowing energy, so despite the fact that this is a trine (generally a time where energy flows easily) I do not see this issue resolving itself quickly.
This connection also relates to unconventional (Uranus) leaders (Saturn).  While this obviously, in my mind, points to Mr. Trump, it also leaves the door open for revolutionary individuals to come out of the woodwork.  Donald may be the individual that finally creates a change that all other politicians have been afraid of, but he also might just screw the pooch.  Again, with Uranus involved, the unexpected is to be expected (but try not to have expectations).
As a final note, any changes that do some from this transit may take some time.  Bureaucracy is “what it is” and the sweeping shifts and new technologies brought forth by Uranus Saturn contacts are resisted by large swaths of humanity.  Change is hard, and the less you like things changing, the harder it is.  The less you practice dealing with discomfort, the more discomfort you will feel as changes loom.  The truth here is that many laws, rules, and regulations are outdated and some are even based on documents drafted several hundred years ago before the advent of modern technology or the discovery of Uranus itself.
For now, be kind to others.  These trials are part of the bigger illusion of life but are tragically difficult to endure.  We all have gifts as well as downfalls.  Let’s have our unique gifts shine light in areas where others struggle, so that maybe we can experience the same grace.
Xx Be patient with the Universe, you are just waking up xX

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