New Moon in Scorpio Weekend // Special Deal

Welcome to the weekend, hope that your Friday evening was restful and your dreams fulfilling.  We are still in the softly spoken window of the new moon, so please take advantage.

  • write and burn some intentions
  • say prayers for renewal
  • set goals for the upcoming moon cycle
  • take a silent retreat (even if just for an hour)
  • reconnect to your core through exercise and yoga

Feeling things out…

The sensitivity felt at this time is at it’s highest peak, however we have stepped into the exciting and explorative realm of Sagittarius.  You are free to explore and walk about your world, and you may find many exciting opportunities.  Take the weekend as a chance to see what is out there for you.  You have begun something new, but you are in no space to be making long term decisions, give your soul a bit of time to wander and wonder, you’ll find your resting place soon, and from there the build will be not only strong and grounded, but passionate and expressed.

Until the end of the Weekend, I am offering a special discounts on Chart Readings.

With the New Moon @ 26° Scorpio, I am offering a discount until Sunday at Midnight Pacific.


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