Welcome to Sagittarius

November 21st @ 10PM Eastern, 7PM Pacific
The sun enters the sign of Sagittarius, finishing up it’s journey through Scorpio. The expose of our underworld continues as Jupiter rules Sag and Jupiter transits Scorpio. Where now does the viewfinder turn? Perhaps towards the underbelly of organized religion, or the mania of evangelism.
Whatever the case, the season of celebration is inevitably upon us. It is time to throw some caution to the stimulating wind and seek our true north, south, east, and west.
The mutable fire sign will have us all speaking our voice, regardless of how uncouth and brash it may be, holding our tongues is a discipline which takes the backburner for this month.
What shall we uncover and what adventures will we embark upon?
In less than two weeks, mercury will begin it’s retrograde pattern as it sits upon a conjunction with Saturn in Sag. The mental processes will deepen, fueled by the fire of Sagittarius, will help us to unlock that which holds us back.
Where have we arrested our own development? Is it the speed with which we move and the lack of focus within our lives? Sag energy can have us doing both, so we may have to face where we are uncommitted or dispassionate.
As Sag comes to an end in 2017, Saturn will make his move into Capricorn after nearly 3 years in Sag. What a fitting way to have things end and transition as Saturn takes his comfortable place in the sign that attempts to “do no harm and take no shit” Capricorn.
The costs of our decisions may weigh heavily during this intense and grounding transition come December 20th. The root of the word “karma” is “to create”. It is only fitting that Saturn is referred to as the “lord of karma”. When the bell tolls come 2018, be sure to be on the right side of “what you have created”. Karma is not a punishment, this is an antiquated definition inspired by draconian organized religious practices, do your best to delete it from your operating system. Karma is a balancing energy and is energy in and of itself.
Your actions have consequences much as pushing a gas pedal propels a car forward. With every step, take a close look at where you are heading, and consider what might be the outcome of sed actions. With the proper perspective, all experiences are holy and divine, let us capitalize on the highest calling of Sagittarius and live as such.

Xx Live and Let Live, Be Willing to Disagree xX

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