Sag Sun Speaks

Your ideologies will inevitably fail you, for they are only ideas brought to an extreme degree.
Fires burn bright and devour forests, the remains leave nutrients to be re absorbed into the soil, food for future expressions.
The raw material of your soul devours religion, philosophy, and experience. Using the combustible energy to fuel the journey, to climb to high heights and to rebuild after the fall.

The body glistens
Moistened by sweat in the years of youth
Only to decay and release
It's sweet nectar of concentrated wisdom
Back to the earth
Worm food

Their is a piece
Outside the lines of time and space
That watches softly gazing from the skies
The eyes of passionate loving exploration
No definition so small
As to define a subset of beliefs
As right or wrong

Just as no man/woman may last in a body eternal
No vantage point on 'God' can survive
The shifting sands of mutable existence
Existential tectonic plates wreak havoc on the mind
The subtlest of shift undermines the platform on which we define our definition of definition

Whatever you hold dear, be willing to let it go
Because you don't even know what you think you know
A leaf floating down the Colorado river through the twisting turns of the Grand Canyon
What's in store? What are you here for?
Well, my friends, there is no clear answer
Best to flow with the river until sed river runs dry


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