Neptune Speaks // Direct Once Again

Neptune has been on its yearly retrograde (since the 16th of June) journey for a bit. As of yesterday, the planet of otherworldly dreams and visionary artistic expression is back.

Just in time to catch a lovely trine from Jupiter in Scorpio. Dreamers may now dream of a world without the horrors and ills of yesteryear. Though we may be dredging through the deep and swampy residue of our ancestral shortcomings, it is vitally important to till the soil before planting new seeds.

The underworld is alive with the sound of howling creatures locked away for reasons unknown and unjustified. These creatures are part of you, of me, of us.

Rehabilitation comes swiftly these days as Jupiter shines in the depth of still watered Scorpio.

Damage has been done, scars are undeniable, let us wear them as tattoos of initiation into a higher calling. Tit for tat relationships will have us all deaf dumb and blind, jump into Neptune's rose colored universe from time to time and upgrade your vibration.

You don't have to fight and you don't have to surrender, there are other ways of thriving.

There are more directions than just up down left right, Neptune knows the limits of modern man more than any planet, eschewing our trivial concerns by teaching us that we control NOTHING fully and NOTHING fully controls us. It is all about where you put your power. Choose a different dance, create a new dialogue, Neptune is here as your spiritual scribe, rewriting the idea of faith and expression, littering the surrounding areas with inspiration and quirky avant garde movements.

Peace be with all of YOUmanity and may the struggles of our brothers and sisters bring wisdom and grace to us all.

Beyond the mundane is everything else, let's welcome her in, shall we.

Xx See beyond your eyes and within your means xX

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