Solstice Wisdom // Words from the Inner Sun

The winter solstice is a symbolic time for everyone.  Regardless of your religious or metaphysical orientation, it is a time when the Sun, the behemoth burning star which gives us life, seemingly changes directions in the sky.  Astronomically represented by the declination reaching it’s southern most point (lowest point in the sky), the sun seems to dance along the horizon this time of year, as if he walks the Earth with us.

It is at the point of the solstice, astrologically the first day of Capricorn/last day of Sagittarius, that the Sun begins to rise off of the horizon and climb higher in the sky everyday until the summer solstice, astrologically the first day of Cancer/last day of Gemini.

We are children of the seasons, whether the weather changes or not.  The beacon of light from the heavens that nourishes the plants which feed all humans and animals alike appears to go in cycles.  We, as humans on Earth, are subject to the appearance of things.  The sun itself does not change or shift it’s orientation in relationship to Earth.  Rather, Earth tilts and spins into more direct contact and orientation to the Sun.  Nonetheless, there are noticeable effects on mood, climate, and overall energy when the Sun’s ray strike us in different ways.

Imagine if you will the interconnectedness of all things.  If the Sun were to suddenly change the way in which it functioned, we would experience a dramatic and likely traumatic shift in our entire planet and ecosystem.  Somehow, someway, we have found our feet and bodies grounded onto one specific planet, placed amongst the stars, amid the galaxy, somewhere oh somewhere in the universe.  This planet just happens to offer a range of temperatures allowing us to at the very least survive and at best thrive as upright mammalian organisms.  Not only this, but the exact amount of heat, radiation, and light necessary to provide fuel/food for these organisms happens to trickle in daily from far across the solar system from one singular shining star, the Sun.

This connection is so vital, so rudimentary to existence upon planet Earth, that the earliest of human expressions was to honor the sacred movement of the Sun.  For whatever reasons (i’ll allow you to speculate) those who worship the Sun are seen as ‘hippies’ or ‘new age spiritualists’, I mean, how far have we gone from common sense and intuition?


So as the majority of Westernized nations celebrate the materialistic corporacratic monstrosity that is Christmas, perhaps give some credit to the actual ‘Sun of Man’.  That one that hangs up in the sky every single day, nurturing the very source of life ‘the Manna’ that feeds your sensitive fleshy body and bones.

The Inner Fire

The center of our Earth is not unlike the stone Hematite.  If you are familiar, it’s space age metallic appearance is comforting and soothing to the spirit, protecting your energy body from electromagnetic harm.  The heat is so intense at the core of Mother Gaia that this mixture of nickel, iron, and various other minerals is a molten hot ball of liquid.  To me, this is the ‘Inner Sun’ of the Earth.

As we approach and experience the solstice, the inner sun becomes stronger and more present as the Sun in the sky seems to lie down along the horizon.  This, my friends, is the perfect metaphor for the season, and may explain the origins of Santa Claus himself. Where did this Santa Character Originate?

The outer world is full of dramatic landscapes, interpersonal relationships, physical challenges, and exhilarating discoveries.  The outer Sun shines brightly to nourish our human experience.

The inner world is quite the same, but is not bound by the rules and restrictions of the third dimension as we currently experience here on Earth.  The inner world, lit by the light of our own consciousness, is limitless by design.  In order to travel to India from America, you would have to make arrangements by air or by sea and then endure the experience of travel over a period of time.  In order to go from a space of self hatred and judgment to a place of acceptance and joy (a leap with much greater impact than to simply travel from land to another) you must engage your inner world and choose a different path through intentional thinking and self discipline.

My point here is that the inner world holds treasures much greater than anything that the outer world could offer.

During the time of the Solstice, the inner light is at it’s brightest, do not allow yourself to be fooled by the irresponsible patterns of man and “Christmas”.  Is it ironic or abusive that we are asked to pollute the Earth by purchasing unnecessary goods and to program children to observe such a holiday.  I mean, c’mon, what kid is going to say no to fun and exciting things made of toxic plastic from China (pardon the cynicism).

Be your own spirit and check in on your inner world.  This IS the time to do it.  If you happened to click the link above about the origins of Santa Claus, you will see that people have been exploring their inner world through psychedelics during this time quite intuitively for ages.

At the very least, take some time alone, perhaps even when you awaken in the middle of the night.  Instead of heading back to your warm cozy bed, make some tea and sit in a comfy chair, breathe deeply, and go within.

6 Stories under the Earth // Colossal Cave Arizona 

The Inner Sun Speaks

There are no treasures in your world that will last.  Even the most meaningful of human connection will fade in time.  Possessions of value and key physical elements are rendered useless much the same.  The warmth that allows you to experience joy comes from within.  The value that you appropriate to all things is in fact your inner light shining outward and your gorgeous expansive mind decisively applying sed value.  Truly, there is NOthing that is real without your inner experience.  For this reason I beg of you to heed my words.  Foster the inner world and all of it’s dynamics.  What you build within your temple will stay for time immemorial unless YOU as the creator of all things decide otherwise.  Nary a painting shall be shifted from the walls of your inner domicile without your deft and personalized touch.  Muscles such as biceps and triceps allow you the flexibility to lift and move heavy objects, we are concerned that you inner muscles have atrophied.  This time, the time of the solstice, is perhaps the best for maintaining and strengthening this inner passion and fire.  You are a log on the fire and you are the fire.  You are the reason for your passion and you are also your passion.  You are the Sun and you are also your longing for his warmth.  It is within that polarities find their balance point, where you are free to see saw back and forth without having to destroy and consume in order to learn.  As wars are waged on the outside world it is an obvious symbol of the lack of inner awareness.  Humanity has become so entrenched within their hypnotic stupor of ‘outer reward’ that their inner flame is more akin to a collapsing candle on a windy evening.  Death and destruction are attempts to FEEL this inner world and to self realize human potential.  Humanity has strayed so far from the light of the inner sun that they require the lives of others to be lost just to remember that life has purpose beyond surviving.  If you are reading this, perhaps you are not part of this mayhem and madness, we see you, we feel you.  There is no attempt to place blame or even judgment of actions, but instead we are sharing an honest assessment of the times as we see them.  In fact, many of you seek to see an end to this madness, to see an end to suffering, consumerism, mass hypnotic stupor, and violence against fellow humans.  First and foremost we will remind you that this is not your call.  There are many individuals on this earth and many energies dotting the knowable and unknowable universe, of which we are just one.  As the vital flame of the Earth herself we are inclined to see things through a lens of depersonalized yet self care oriented eyes.  In much the same way, YOU, as a soul experiencing an individual life, you are inclined to lean towards the will of your own spirit, to the extent that you can get in touch with sed spirit.  Do not take on the pressures of the outside world from a vantage point of battling or seeking for others to change, for they do not need to change.  Instead, shift your desire to change what is outside of you through concerted efforts to OWN your existence to it’s fullest.  For it is our belief, as guardians of the inner flame, that you then will understand your true purpose and power.  Wise ones, it is clear to see that those who walk the Earth have disempowered themselves and are consistently distracted from the ability to feel their inner world and the gifts therein.  So then, they have the right to play out their entire infinite universes on the outer plane, it is a matter of personal choice.  Here, however, is the kicker in this predicament…

The sun in the sky, yes the red hot ball of fire, is the very core of what allows this physical existence.  Much like your babies are born with an umbilical cord attached to their navel, the Earth is intricately and delicately connected to the Sun.  Each human is made of Earth stuff, flesh and bone, blood and guts, all made from organic compounds grown from the fruiting body of Gaia.  What allows for this organic and digestible matter to exist?  The sun, the elements, the rain, the wind, the LOVE that extends through this umbilical cord of which the Sun himself is connected to a grander vision that you can begin to glimpse through the study of metaphysics and atomic molecular structure and habits.  For it is only through blind or bludgeoned eyes that one could not see the nature of existence.  When distracted so thoroughly by the trappings of the outer world, we can forget to nurture the inner flame and garden.

This is where you come into play and I call you to action.  We are all connected, through thought, through word, through whim, through feeling.  This interconnectedness is a powerful network not unlike the mycelial structures of mother Gaia’s outer layers.  Where attention flows, energy goes, and energy enlivens these networks.  Some on your planet have the ability to shift entire grids when working in concert with others of like mind, energy, and intention.  Those who are sleepwalking, their inner network lies dormant, like plants without roots or soil void of nutrients.  However, the networks are vital and easily rehabilitated.  Conscious attention to your inner garden breathes life into your rich inner world and spreads like wildfire to those who are around you, in many cases whether they know it or not.  While it is not your job to shepherd anyone into the future, your inner work does benefit the whole in paving a path that an individual can choose to take with less resistance than the pioneers.  Many will not choose this path, do not concern yourself with this, they have the right to do so.

We would be at fault not to mention the synergistic and alchemical beauty of this current ‘predicament’ the Earth faces.  We will make it simple, because it is.  When life/humanity focuses energy and awareness on it’s nature/inner world/existence, he/she/they become more inclined to reflect on the root/base/nature of their own existence.  When the connections begin to become clear (ie human/earth/sun/universe) than the basic rules and laws that govern all things become clearer in the hearts and minds of all beings residing as part of sed network.

As inner awareness arises, we live in concert with one another, it is just that simple.

Blessings on this solstice, and thank you for tuning in.  We love and appreciate all of existence, ourself included.  For it is through loving acceptance and awareness that we may find peace and offer the path of peace to others.

Xx Let your inner love be your guiding light xX

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