Our Energy is Returning :: Mars Cazimi

We are in the midst of Mars return to the Sun. Mars is cazimi, in the heart of the Sun. All the planets have a dance with the Sun, and right now is a pivotal point in the Mars dance. In 2022 Mars was in retrograde in Gemini. If you have personal planets in that … Continue reading Our Energy is Returning :: Mars Cazimi

Saturn Trine Uranus // 11.11.17

Were you born between October 1987 and the start of 1989? During the years of 1987-1988, Saturn and Uranus traveled together through the stars in late degrees of Sag and early degrees of Capricorn. This combination leads to an intense power to see the balance of authority and revolution. Depending on the emphasis of either … Continue reading Saturn Trine Uranus // 11.11.17