Closing a Chapter, Beginning a New One :: Saturn Square Uranus

The aspect between these two that began in the early part of 2021 is coming to a close this month. Certainly the reverberations will be felt for years but this is the peak season that will last through most of October 2022. While the issues and topics that are unfolding may have expressed themselves over … Continue reading Closing a Chapter, Beginning a New One :: Saturn Square Uranus

Saturn Trine Uranus // 11.11.17

Were you born between October 1987 and the start of 1989? During the years of 1987-1988, Saturn and Uranus traveled together through the stars in late degrees of Sag and early degrees of Capricorn. This combination leads to an intense power to see the balance of authority and revolution. Depending on the emphasis of either … Continue reading Saturn Trine Uranus // 11.11.17

The Undercurrent

Something is transferred every time you communicate, and it is not always represented by words or even body movements. It's also not about currency exchange or any material object changing hands.    It's a subtle undertone that we carry within us. Each of us has some belief about what we are supposed to get out … Continue reading The Undercurrent